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Lovely Us 如此可爱的我们 Episode 5 Recap

In the commissary, Chen went to find Xiao Xiao. Xiao Xiao was not at home. She seemed to be sick and in the hospital. Everyone in the room was preparing for the exam. The two little friends fought each other every day. Chen Zui prepared what Xiao Xiao had to eat, but was eaten by other friends. Chen Zui felt embarrassed in his heart, but I wished Chen Zui tonight.

Too used to them, she did not see Chen Zui’s mind. Chen Zui stared at Xiao Xiao eating corn, Xiao Xiao seemed to have noticed something. The teacher in the office told Chen Zui and Zhu Jinxiao that they should prepare for the exam. The training camp plans to choose one of them.

The selected person can get five points for the college entrance examination. Chen is most concerned about Zhu Jinxiao’s health. In the cafeteria, Zhu Tonight is still writing homework. Chen looked at her most distressed. Tonight Chen received a call from Zhu Tonight. Zhu Tonight asked him about math problems. Chen first explained Zhu Tonight and the exam began the next day. The friends are taking the exam seriously, and Chen Zui did not do the last question in order to get Xiao Xiao to qualify…

Chen Zui went to Xiao Xiao’s canteen to buy things, holding the last box of coffee, and another person came over to ask if there was coffee. ? Tan Song gave him his own, Xiao Xiao said that he was really a good person and likes to let others, and then asked him if he would let her in the exam? Chen Zui said he wouldn’t, and the result came out, and Xiao Xiao successfully got the spot.

The friends at home were watching TV series. They had children at home, but the two friends were very disappointed because the exam was not ideal. At this moment, a boy came over and asked them if they wanted to go to the dance party. A few friends decided to enlighten these two enemies first, and then invite them to the dance party. In the morning, He Jinchao went to school with Chen Zuideng Tan Song, and then tentatively asked him how he planned to spend Halloween?

He said that a loser like him is unworthy. On the other side, I wish to test Huang Chengzi with a poster tonight . Huang Chengzi also looked at the book in frustration and read the article, saying that he was not qualified for Halloween. What about the three friends. , Worrying on the playground, how can I solve the two of them?

Seeing the two of them in the distance seemed to be in tears, the three of them sighed. They didn’t expect them to be so sad. In fact, Tan Song and Huang Chengzi were eating sweets, so tears fell from their eyes. It turned out that they were eating. Xiudou, Chen Zui told He Jinchao to the boy that the two of them should not go to Halloween, and felt that they shouldn’t disturb the two of them.

In the room, Song and Huang Chengzi discussed why they were not called for Halloween? Huang Chengzi was angry, but wanted to find them, so Tan Song told him that it was because they were very upset these past two days, and they were not in the mood for anything. If they were looking for them now, it would be shameless, so they decided to change. In this way, let them invite the two of them to the Halloween party.

So the next morning, Tan Song took the initiative to talk to the two boys about words, specifically mentioning vampire Halloween and other words, and Huang Chengzi held the poster I wished him to show tonight, and crazily hinted that she wanted to go to Halloween.

At the dance party, the three of them knew what they were thinking. They didn’t say anything, and cooperated with them in the performance, pretending not to understand. The yellow oranges in the classroom, through the poems expressing friendship, crazily suggest that friendship should experience happiness together, so of course this happiness is a Halloween party, but the three pretend not to understand, how about the two?

Follow the three of them and listen to their description of the Halloween party. Two of them wanted to go to the party with them, but they couldn’t put it down, so Lan planned to go secretly, and then pretended to meet by chance. The two of them kept the money in their hands. It seems that it’s not enough to buy clothes. Coincidentally, the street stall appeared. The two men bought two sets of clothes on the street stall.

They dressed up as Spirited Away. The faceless man inside. It was too real and caused 10,000 psychological harm to a child. On the way to the masquerade, I ran into my little partner. The two of them planned to scare them. It turned out that they were deceived. They were a social club, not During the role-playing meeting, Huang Chengzi revealed that she had liked her eldest brother before. Huang Chengzi felt embarrassed and talked about the Song family’s refusal to come out. The eldest brother told her that her birthday was coming soon to coax Huang Chengzi and asked her to go with her. play……

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