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Lovely Us 如此可爱的我们 Episode 4 Recap

I wish a robber appeared in their city tonight, and the suspect is absconding, so everyone is still living in anxiety. A cool-dressed girl encountered some verbal and physical harassment by two young men drinking in the shop that Zhu Jinxiao helped her family see. When I wish tonight to export to help this girl, I was also molested by these two men. Fortunately, Tan Song ‘s cousin and Tan Ouyang ‘s appearance, used witty thoughts to drive away these two men.

Therefore, Tan Ouyang and Zhu Jinxiao met. And as the mid-term exams in school are getting closer, Huang Chengzi also began to think of various ways to hope that his grades will suddenly improve. Because of Huang Chengzi’s doubts, Tan Song wanted to prove himself with a question that troubled Huang Chengzi. I didn’t expect that I would not, and Chen Zui and Zhu were studying hard tonight, and Huang Chengzi was embarrassed to disturb them.

So I decided to ask Tan Song’s cousin Tan Ouyang to help them. But unexpectedly, in the evening, all five of them went to talk about free tuition for senior students in Ouyang. In class, because of Ouyang graduated from high school for many years, a lot of knowledge has been forgotten, and he failed to provide them with much help. So Zhu’s mother decided to enroll Zhu Tonight for a math tuition class to improve her grades. During the meal in the school cafeteria, He Jinzhao again emphasized the recent robbers with the four of them, by the way, persuaded to borrow the yellow oranges, and Zhu to travel carefully tonight, not to go to the kind of small alleys with no one. At this time, Huang Mu bought a piece of clothing for Vice-Father Huang, and this clothing was very similar to the clothes of the robber described in the news. And on the other side,

Huang Chengzi has been using superstitious methods to improve his grades. He clicked on the number of words on the test paper, and used his 100 steps to go home to prove that his test would succeed. Zhu Tonight, who was going to see the store in the evening, met Tan Song and Chen Zui, who had just finished playing basketball, and they were sent to the store in the dark night.

Huang Chengzi, who has been worrying about exams, and He Jinxiao , who made the midterm exam sprint plan , and Tan Song formed a complementary learning trio. In the class, a classmate and Zhu Jinxiao specifically told the news that a classmate was robbed by a robber and had a high fever. I wish tonight my heart is faintly disturbed, and I want to ask Huang Chengzi to go to the cram school together. However, Huang Chengzi had already made other arrangements for the reason to reject it, and the three of them started to teach each other at home in the evening.

Zhu, after the cram school, ran into Father Huang on the way home tonight, mistakenly regarded Father Huang as a robber, and hurried home in a panic. But Chen, who came from behind Father Huang, recognized most. In their conversation, Father Huang and Chen talked about their doubts and concerns about what they said and did on Zhu Jinxiao Road.

On the other side, the three people who were studying in complementary learning had poor concentration due to lack of concentration. Then I analyzed the reasons with He Jinzhao and said that the temptation at home was too great, and made an appointment to study in the library on the second day. Chen Zui, who has been worried about wishing tonight, came to the store, accompanied wishing tonight, and played poker games with him. The three people studying in the library failed after all. Distracted and failing to study seriously, they made their sprint plan a failure, so they went to a lecture given by Professor Xu. Huang Chengzi and He Jinzhao each bought a winning book and looked at them every day as treasures.

And Zhu, who came home from the cram school this time, met a real robber on the road tonight. She was rescued by Tan Ouyang who appeared suddenly, and she had a heartbeat of being protected. But he also ignored Chen Zui, who had been with her until the end of the tuition and followed him silently. When the 5 people got together, Tan Song made a joke and asked Zhu Zhu to chase after the break-up Tan Ouyang, but he was interrupted by the late Chen. In the morning together, the five people who went to school met Guilan who was “dragging” in the lecture. Realizing that the two people who had been deceived came to the lecture site, they found that they had already been blocked. Xu Tiezhu has also been arrested.

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