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Lovely Us 如此可爱的我们 Episode 3 Recap

Huang Chengzi has a crush on his eldest brother, eldest brother broke up with his girlfriend.

Although He Jinzhao ‘s puppy love plan failed, Huang Chengzi accidentally talked about Song ‘s brother about Ouyang in the shop at night . And there was a feeling of heartbeat, and a secret love that ended without a problem began. Huang Chengzi only talked to Zhu Jinxiao about this matter, but he didn’t know the three of Song Song, but thought they were talking bad about them. The yellow oranges that want to take a bath at night,

But because the floor where I live is too high, and the water pressure is too low at night, I can’t take a shower. Therefore, mother Huang suggested that Huang Chengzi go to talk about bathing in Song’s house, but once again ran into the boy who moved her to talk about Ouyang. After Huang Chengzi took a shower, she was alone in Tan Jia Kuang He, but she didn’t know that her Kuang He had been seen by Tan Ouyang. Ouyang also recognized her, but Huang Chengzi denied her in order not to lose her image in Ouyang’s heart. In order to change her image in Tan Ouyang’s heart wishfully, Huang Chengzi began to maintain a feminine style, frequenting Tan Song’s family.

At first it was rejected by Tan Song. But when Song Yin made a mistake, he thought Huang Chengzi liked him, and was discussing with Chen how to reject Huang Chengzi. Over there, Huang Chengzi also thinks that Tan Ouyang has a soft spot for him, thinking about how to confess to Ouyang. But He Jinxiao , who was outside the door, misheard, thinking that Huang Chengzi will talk to Song confession. And secretly went out and talked to Tan Song who were playing billiards, which made Tan Song affirm that Huang Chengzi liked him. Huang Chengzi are rehearsing how to confess here. During school, a series of behaviors of Yellow Orange,

Let this misunderstanding deepen. It was announced in the evening that Huang Chengzi was about to invite everyone to eat barbecue, so that the three of Tan Song thought that Huang Chengzi was about to confess to Tan Song, so they started various rehearsals of rejecting Huang Chengzi. But Huang Chengzi also had her own thoughts. When she was thinking about eating barbecue, she asked Tan Song to bring Tan Ouyang over, and confessed to Tan Ouyang in front of him. But when he ate barbecue on the second day, he found that Tan Ouyang had not come, and he was depressed, but unexpectedly saw Tan Ouyang. She was just about to go up to say hello, but found that Tan Ouyang actually had a girlfriend.

At that moment, his fragile girl’s heart was broken, and this unsuccessful crush made her feel sad. At this time, Tan Song who came out thought he was suggesting to Huang Chengzi and praised Tan Ouyang’s girlfriend, saying that Huang Chenzi was not gentle and not a woman. In order to fight for this breath, Huang Chengzi began to learn, to be gentle and to be a lady. At the beginning, the lady fan’s Huang Chengzi made Tan Song and the three people feel uncomfortable. They thought that Tan Song made Huang Chengzi sad and needed to have a good chat with Huang Chengzi and compensate her. So I decided to take Huang Chenzi to the amusement park. Because of funding,

Tan Song decided to let Tan Ouyang take them out to play. During the amusement park, Huang Chengzi was moved by the beauty of Tan Ouyang and his girlfriend, so Tan Song pretended to be his boyfriend and took a couple photos. Talking about the two people playing in the amusement park, Tan Ouyang and his girlfriend, talking about the two people playing like a happy friend, a couple. When it was dark and parting, Tan Song and Huang Chengzi had a heart-to-heart talk on the way home, but Tan Song suddenly found out that he was passionate about himself. Huang Chengzi had been secretly in love with his brother Tan Ouyang. But she also began to worry that Huang Chengzi, who suffered emotional setbacks, would do something to hurt herself.

Huang Chengzi saved money to buy gifts to give to Sister Sitong, to commemorate her passing crush, and to thank them for taking herself to the amusement park. Tan Song Wuqiao accidentally saw the yellow oranges that started knitting the scarf, the wool around his neck and the wool around his neck accidentally broke his fingers, thinking that the yellow oranges were hurting himself. When Tan Song was bandaging Yellow Orange’s fingers, he comforted and enlightened Huang Orange, praised Huang Orange’s cuteness and kindness, and gave it to Huang Orange a bicycle he bought with the prize money he won in the debate competition.

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