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Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 23

Su Nuanxia was worried that Jun Ye would also think she was a man-in-law, but Jun Ye told her seriously that in his eyes, she was frank, kind and sincere, full of advantages. He also specially sent Su Nuanxia a set of jerseys with the same number as his own. He hopes that Su Nuanxia can cheer for him in his jersey every time he plays in the future. This also solved Su Nuanxia’s heart knot. After being denied by her mother, she always reflected on whether she was really too unfair.

On Ling Xuan’s side, he once again offered to challenge Jun Ye. Jun Ye took care of the overall situation and didn’t want to start fighting before the big game, so he released the water. Originally, Ling Xuan was very happy and thought that her efforts had been fruitful. Unexpectedly, Tutu accidentally told Ling Xuan the facts, and he felt deeply insulted. In addition, Chu Ran fought psychological warfare, deliberately instigating discord, to make Ling Xuan abandon Qing Meng and switch to the myth. Ling Xuan was absent from training, and no one could find him.

As for what Chu Ran did, the members of the Qingmeng team had no idea, thinking that Ling Xuan was just making a temper. Until Anna appeared, the people who said Lu Ye listened to the mythology team mentioned that Chu Ran was paving the way for Ling Xuan to go to mythology. Jun Ye immediately rushed to Shinhwa University to find Chu Ran to settle the account, and punched him directly. Su Nuanxia was escorted by Anna, and she asked to talk to Chu Ran alone.

Facing Su Nuanxia’s questioning, Chu Ran didn’t think he had anything wrong. Ling Xuan was impulsive and eager to win, and Chu Ran got into a mess after a little provocation. In Chu Ran’s view, it didn’t matter what method was used in the process to win or lose. All he wanted was to win. Su Nuanxia was very disappointed in him. She didn’t expect that his father’s most proud disciple would have deviated from his educational belief of “people first, ball behind”. When it comes to Coach Su, Chu Ran is even more excited. He believes Coach Su is as eager to win as himself. It turned out that Chu Ran missed the most critical goal in the match against the Shinhwa team.

Coach Su died of a heart attack on the spot, this incident made Chu Ran’s desire for victory to the degree of madness. He has regretted every day this year, regretting that he had made the lowest mistake. Therefore, he does not allow himself to lose again. Su Nuanxia couldn’t convince Chu Ran, so she could only leave with Anna and Jun Ye.

The next day, Su’s mother suddenly appeared. She came to deliver soup to Su Nuanxia, ​​and by the way brought coach Su’s life log. Coach Su wrote a lot about the players in the diary, especially related to Chu Ran. These logs can prove that Coach Su is not doing all he can to win as Chu Ran thought. Su Nuanxia and Junye gave these diaries to Chu Ran, and Chu Ran felt uncomfortable seeing the bits and pieces of training recorded in them. It turns out that Coach Su has always worried that Chu Ran will be controlled by desire because of his eagerness to win. He has always cared about Chu Ran and hoped that Chu Ran would understand that championships are not the only ones in basketball.

Chu Ran, who was awakened, promised that Su Nuanxia would make it clear to Ling Xuan that even if he did not come to the myth, whether he chose to stay in Qingmeng, he should make his own decision. Su Nuanxia was very happy that Chu Ran could figure it out, and agreed with him to play a confrontation happily and openly.

The match came as scheduled, but Ling Xuan never saw anyone. In the lounge, everyone anxiously waited for Ling Xuan, hoping that he would show up. As a last resort, they didn’t want to let the substitute players take the place of Ling Xuan. But Tutu searched the school and didn’t find him. Just 30 seconds before the start of the game, Ling Xuan finally appeared out of breath. All the members gather and the game will officially start soon.

This is an annual inter-school competition, and the staff of the two schools are very concerned. Principal Qingmeng personally came to cheer for the Qingmeng team. The Shinhwa coach Han Mo actually took the gold medal he won from Coach Su last year and said that if Qingmeng can win this time, he will also offer this gold medal with both hands.

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