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Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 22

The rain was too heavy, even though Jun Ye and Su Nuanxia were covered with coats, they were still wet. In order not to catch a cold, they opened a room in a hotel to take a shower. There is only one honeymoon suite left in the hotel. The design in the room is very romantic, and both of them are a little embarrassed. Jun Ye took the initiative to ask Su Nuanxia to take a bath first, and Su Nuanxia went in without hesitation, and found that Jun Ye was looking at the hotel’s menu after coming out.

The above are all high-calorie foods, and of course Junye cannot eat it as an athlete. Su Nuanxia immediately closed the menu, told him to take a hot bath, and then hurry up to train. Training here, only the devil coach Su Nuanxia can think of. Jun Ye was helpless, but had to be obedient. He didn’t expect that even more ruthlessness was still to come. Su Nuanxia secretly sent a text message to Tutu, saying that Jun Ye was going to open a room with herself and asked her to bring someone to rescue herself.

Tutu immediately came over with Shen Yingliang, Zhang Xiaoqiang and Qi Feng. Ling Xuan was training alone in the basketball hall, so she didn’t stay with them. As soon as Jun Ye opened the door, Tutu pointed at Jun Ye and cursed. Su Nuanxia, ​​who came back to find the equipment, was very happy to see people so crowded, and asked them to go to the gym for training. In this way, several people exercise together into the early morning until everyone is tired and paralyzed.

On the other hand, Ling Xuan seems to have changed personally recently and is particularly concerned about training. After the training, he will continue to train on his own. In order to give Tutu a good life by his own ability, he hopes to become a professional basketball player. He also took the initiative to challenge Jun Ye, hoping that if he wins, he will change his tactics to be the core. But Jun Ye didn’t take it to heart. Others also thought that tactics should not be changed at this time.

It just so happened that Su Nuanxia came to her period, so Jun Ye gave Ling Xuan a perfunctory sentence and sent her back to the dormitory to rest. In order to prevent Su Nuanxia from thinking about tactics under the pretext of taking a break, Jun Ye has been sent to the dormitory, staring at her going to bed. At this time, Su Nuanxia remembered that her mother would be passing by Binhai on a business trip tomorrow and would come to bring her soup. Because Su Nuanxia always wanted to drink motherwort soup made by her mother every time she came back to her period. Moreover, Mother Su knew that the two of them were dating and wanted to take this opportunity to meet Jun Ye.

Jun Ye was shocked, she was really unprepared, asking the time, it was tomorrow afternoon. He didn’t dare to be nervous in front of Su Nuanxia. He only left as an excuse that he had something to deal with. As for where he went, of course it was Meowka Cafe. Now Ling Xuan is busy training, and it is Tutu who works here. Junye hopes that Tutu can give herself some good suggestions, and strive to make a good impression on Su’s mother the first time she meets.

Tutu constantly comforted him to make him more confident in himself. On his terms, it is impossible for Su’s mother to dislike it. At the same time, she suggested that he take Mama Su to the shopping mall near the school tomorrow. There is no woman who doesn’t like shopping, and the mall belongs to the Jun family. You can also take the opportunity to show the strength of the Jun family. Jun Ye also thought it was a good idea, but he still had no idea. When he returned home at night, he tried for a long time just by trying on clothes.

The meeting on the second day went smoothly. Although Su Nuanxia only bought a skirt for Su Nuanxia, ​​she had a good impression of Jun Ye. According to Tutu, Su’s mother thinks that Jun Ye is stable and mature, and is a person worthy of entrusting for life. Not only that, she also thinks that her daughter Su Nuanxia is not worthy of Jun Ye, so she confesses that Tutu will supervise Su Nuanxia and can no longer live like a rough man.

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