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Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 21

All the members of the Qingmeng team tied red ropes to retain Su Nuanxia. Su Nuanxia hesitated, but still did not submit the withdrawal application to the school office. Jun Ye admitted that he thought of this method, but other people also hope that Su Nuanxia will stay, otherwise they won’t cooperate with him like this. Su Nuanxia said that they could keep her for a while, but could not keep her forever. Jun Ye used the changes made by Ling Xuan and others to tell her that she led everyone to understand the true meaning of basketball, so don’t deny all of yourself just because of a bad thing.

That night, Su Nuanxia tossed and couldn’t sleep, and finally got up and sent a message in the group. The main idea is that the annual duel with the Shinhwa team is just a month later, so everyone should hurry up and practice, and explain that they will train one hour in advance so that they must arrive on time. The meaning of this is that Su Nuanxia decided not to leave and continue to be their coach.

The few people in the Qingmeng team except Jun Ye regretted leaving Su Nuanxia so enthusiastically the next day. Because the battle is imminent, Su Nuanxia started the devil training method, which not only increased the training intensity, but also shortened the rest time by half. Everyone was miserable, but they still received training seriously.

After Su Nuanxia cheered up, Lu Ye decided not to be an assistant teacher. He was going on vacation. Anna mentioned the one-day date that Su Nuanxia had promised her at the time. It turned out that Su Nuanxia promised to lend Jun Ye to her for a day in order to get Anna to persuade Lu Ye to be an assistant teacher. Now, Anna asks her to fulfill her promise. Su Nuanxia originally wanted to shame her, saying that the exchange validity period had passed, but she failed. In desperation, he had to bargain, shortening from one day to four hours.

On the date of the date, Su Nuanxia personally watched Anna taking Junye’s arm to leave triumphantly, with 10,000 reluctance in her heart. In the next few hours, Su Nuanxia was worried, for fear that Anna would do to Jun Ye. Jun Ye was more attentive, and also posted a positioning to Su Nuanxia. It turned out that they went to the open-air basketball court. Su Nuanxia did not hold back her curiosity, and went to the open-air basketball court, but saw Anna hugging Jun Ye and not letting go. She was so angry that she immediately rushed to beat Anna. Jun Ye quickly stopped her and explained to her that Anna was ready to accept Lu Ye and gave her one last hug.

Even so, Su Nuanxia was still very angry, and even Qi Junye gave her a hug when she said that she didn’t know how to avoid it. Jun Ye looked very cute when she saw her eating jealously, and she couldn’t help but laugh. In the end, Jun Ye took the initiative to kiss Su Nuanxia, ​​which calmed her anger.

Although the sweetness of love is there, the pressure of the game remains unabated. Su Nuanxia has fallen into a frenzy in order to study the tactics of the confrontation. Recently, Xiao Tutu discovered that her strange power had been out of control. She broke everything from the locker room door to the toilet tap to her own mobile phone. Moreover, Su Nuanxia has been insomnia for many days. All these signs indicate that Su Nuanxia’s pressure has reached a critical point.

In order to relieve Su Nuanxia’s pressure, Jun Yete took her to a buffet. With her appetite, it was not a problem to eat enough. He hoped that this would make Su Nuanxia feel satisfied and happy. As a result, Su Nuanxia’s appetite was really amazing, and she was filmed by the live broadcast anchor. The store manager was attentive when someone took a video and did a wave of marketing by the way. When they had finished eating, they said that Su Nuanxia had been blacklisted because of her excessive appetite, and she declined to visit in the future.

Su Nuanxia was angry when she heard it. She wanted to take pictures of the shop and tell others not to eat here, but her phone ran out. Jun Ye’s mobile phone was dead, neither of them brought umbrellas. It was raining heavily outside. So Jun Ye went back to the store again, and when he came out he held a coat in his hand. Su Nuanxia didn’t know why, Jun Ye said that he went inside to borrow the phone and told the housekeeper that he would buy this place and turn it into a public toilet.

His serious appearance made Su Nuan Xiaxin think it was true. In fact, he was only joking. He just went in and stripped off the uniform of the manager just now. Seeing that the rain couldn’t stop for a while, Jun Ye pushed his jacket over his head, and the two ran out all the way. Although embarrassed, it is a rare memory.

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