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Dear, King of Medicine 亲爱的药王大人 Episode 9 Recap

The high priest’s men found Lord Xiao, and asked him to take Chu Zhimo to the water when he left the hunting tomorrow. Master Xiao said that he understood, and praised the high priest’s plan to invite the king into the urn.

Luluo helped Xiao Songlan clean up the clothes in the room, and then let Xiao Songlan not think about it. From now on, she would not leave him for a moment. It was impossible for him to go out. Komatsulan recalled the vines that Chu Zhimo had seen in the woods that day, and thought that if there were vines that bloomed in the vicinity, it would be impossible for him to not know, and want to see what happened. Seeing Luluo staying by her side, she had to take out the Ecstasy, fascinated Luluo, and ran away by herself.

When Chu Zhimo saw Xiao Songlan sneaking out, he thought she couldn’t worry about it for a moment? Just as he was about to follow up, Master Jiang asked him to discuss travel matters. Chu Zhimo had no choice but to let Xu Huai follow. Xu Huai followed Xiao Song Lan to the place of the vine. Xiao Song Lan saw the vine and found that it was dead and the body was hot. Komatsu Lan murmured to himself, this must be a spell, there must be something nearby, Yaowang Valley is very dangerous now.

Komatsu Lan wants to tell Qing Yun’s father about this, and wants him to help Yaowanggu, he just found Qing Yun’s father. Dad Qing Yun found him running out and hurriedly asked Lu Luo to take her back. Seeing that his father ignored him, Xiao Matsu Lan hurriedly sought Chu Zhimo’s help. Unexpectedly, Dad Qing Yun asked Lu Luo to take her back directly.

On the way back, I ran into Xiao Ya. Xiao Ya mocked him and hugged Chu Zhimo in broad daylight. Komatsulan hit back, not to be outdone, and didn’t know who was able to faint when practicing arrows. People broke up unhappy.

On the way back, Komatsu Lan thought that he could put Xiancao behind his father, so that he could see the weirdness of Yaowanggu. At this time, Master Xiao stopped the carriage, and the heavy rain was approaching. The group could go to Xingshui Temple to hide from the rain. Komatsu Lan thought to himself that there was a Taoist priest in Xingshui Temple. He would definitely see through his identity, and hurriedly ran into Chu Zhimo’s carriage, asking him to help himself not to watch the water.

Chu Zhimo saw that he was so scared to go and watch the water. Although he didn’t know why he returned with Xuhuai and said something weird, he still decided to help him. When I went to myself and said no to the city lord, the city lord always believed that the high priest was his mentor. Now that he was here, he was caught in a heavy rain, so he should go up and see him. If Chu Zhimo is unwilling to go, just go up by himself. Master Xiao said that Chu Zhimo had always been at odds with the high priest, but in this case, it was wrong to openly scorn him.

Chu Zhimo said that he was staying to accompany Xiao Songlan. He was afraid that he would be unsafe here. If Qing Yun refused, his daughter would be optimistic. Xiao Ya also said how he could stay for Xiao Songlan, he should protect the city lord personally, Master Xiao took the opportunity to stir up trouble, and Chu Zhimo had no choice but to accompany the city lord to invite Shui Guan.

When everyone was halfway there, it suddenly rained heavily, and Chu Zhimo felt that something was wrong, and made people lay their umbrellas. Komatsulan was walking outside in the rain with Luluo, and overheard the dialogue between the trees. Just now, a group of black men with knives went up the mountain. I don’t know which son is so unlucky. Komatsulan heard that the following was not good, and hurried to the mountain.

When the assassin appeared to deal with it, Chu Zhimo asked him to protect the city lord, and the black man was coming so fiercely that Chu Zhimo quickly couldn’t resist it. Komatsu Lan appeared at the critical moment and blocked him with a fatal blow. The city lord asked Chu Zhimo to quickly take Xiao Songlan to Xingshui Temple, and the high priest must have a way to save him.

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