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Dear, King of Medicine 亲爱的药王大人 Episode 8 Recap

Chu Zhimo saw Xiao Songlan and Xiao Ziming sneaking up in the woods and didn’t know what they were doing, so he went up and asked in jealousy. Komatsu Lan turned around with a veil on her face. Xiao Ya ran over and apologized for her behavior a few days ago, and also said that she did not intentionally ask Chu Zhimo to forgive her. Komatsu Lan’s heart was upset, and it was she who was obviously frightened. She apologized to Chu Zhimo. Seeing that Xiao Songlan and Xiao Ziming were close, Chu Zhimo was jealous and said to Xiao Ya. Since Miss Xiao is not good at archery, he can teach her to shoot. Xiao Yale quickly fainted. Chu Zhimo replied that they will start now.

Seeing Chu Zhimo and Xiao Ya practicing arrows intimately, Komatsu Lan was very upset, and started practicing slingshot with Xiao Ziming. Ask Daddy Yun and Jing Yiran to see this scene. Daddy Qing Yun said that Chu Zhimo would not sneeze when he was close to a woman, so why not now. Jing Yiran said, Chu Zhimo no longer has this problem. Dad Qing Yun calculated in his heart that he could say a kiss to Chu Zhimo so that his precious daughter would not fall into the fire pit. He hurriedly went to the city lord to say a kiss to Chu Zhimo.

City Lord said, Komatsu Lan likes Chu Zhimo so much, it is not impossible to give a marriage. Dad Qing Yun quickly refused, saying that he would never disrupt the balance of the three masters. Uh, when there were so many women admiring Chu Zhimo in the paddock, it was better to arrange a blind date for him and let him choose.

Xiao Ya couldn’t stand Chu Zhimo’s high-intensity practice, and fainted from the heat stroke. Xiao Ziming quickly took Xiao Ya away. Chu Zhimo said that Xiao Songlan couldn’t understand Xiao Ya. Why did she care about her just now? Komatsu Lan said, she is Xiao Ziming’s younger sister, and she doesn’t look at the face of the Buddha. Chu Zimo was jealous and ran away again, Xiao Songlan hurriedly followed up, and asked why he was angry again, Chu Zhimo asked her to think for herself.

The two went noisily all the way to Chu Zhimo’s room, and found that there were beautiful women of all colors, all dressed up, so lively. Komatsu Lan asked if these were to kiss him too. The beauties all hid their faces and laughed. Chu Zhimo didn’t understand the situation, Xiao Songlan rushed away angrily, and Chu Zimo chased after him.

Xiao Songlan hid on purpose to prevent Chu Zhimo from finding her. Chu Zhimo saw through her measurement, found her, and said that she was jealous. At this time, the tree monster coveted the smell of Chu Zhimo’s body, and Chu Zhimo fought against the tree monster. Seeing that he was always sick and afraid that he could not beat him, Komatsu Lan hurriedly used his spiritual power to take him away. Chu Zhimo once again said that he only wanted to do those things with her, slowly approaching her. Komatsu Landao couldn’t help it anymore. Chu Zhimo smiled. It turned out that he thought he was the only one who couldn’t help it, so he kissed him immediately.

Xiao Songlan approached the city lord and asked him how he could marry Chu Zhimo. The city lord asked her where she and Chu Zhimo had made. Komatsu Lan said that they are progressing very quickly, and they have embroidered sachets for him. The city lord said what progress was this, and asked her to cook rice as soon as possible.

Daddy Qing Yun knew that Xiao Songlan was going to cook mature rice with Chu Zhimo, and was very angry. Chu Zhimo mistakenly thought that Xiao Songlan was going to cook mature rice with her, so he was very shy. Unexpectedly, Komatsulan was disturbed by the fact that he thought it was really cooking. Chu Zhimo was very shy at first. It was a little helpless to know that Komatsulan was really cooking, but he still helped her really cook the rice.

Dad Qing Yun rushed to him in a hurry. He was very excited to see them hugging each other. The more Komatsu Lan explained, the deeper his misunderstanding, or Chu Zhimo said that they were really cooking, and Dad Qing Yun let him go. She hurried away with Komatsu Lan in a hurry.

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