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Dear, King of Medicine 亲爱的药王大人 Episode 7 Recap

Xiao Ziming still helped Xiao Ya endure fifty bans. Komatsulan came to visit him, and medicine picked herbs for him to heal his injuries. Xiao Ziming didn’t want her to go, as long as she could accompany him, Komatsu Landao had to take medicine to heal when he was sick. This is common sense. Xiao Ya brought a food box to deliver food to Xiao Ziming, and when she saw Xiao Songlan leaving, she gave her a hard look. When I arrived in the room, I felt very guilty when I saw that Xiao Ziming was so hurt for her. Xiao Ziming said that this board could take care of her on his own, but he had to recognize the mistake by himself. Xiao Ya said she didn’t mean it, just wanted to teach her a lesson. Xiao Ziming said that no matter who she wanted to teach, it was wrong to hurt others.

Chu Zimo knew that Xiao Songlan was going to collect medicine for Xiao Ziming. Although his face was jealous, he was still worried about her safety and followed. After Xiao Song Lan found the horse, he would go to gather medicine while riding it. If the horse didn’t listen on the way, Xiao Song Lan was about to fall and was rescued by Chu Zhimo who came in time.

Xiao Songlan was picking herbs happily, Chu Zhimo just wanted to tell him what happened that night, Xiao Songlan found the silver grass, and went to pick it regardless of the danger. He slipped accidentally and almost fell off the cliff, being held by Chu Zhimo. When it was in danger, Komatsu Lan insisted on harvesting the silver grass. Chu Zhimo angrily asked her that Xiao Ziming was so important, and asked her to save her life regardless of her life.

Komatsu Landao collected this medicine for him. This silver silk grass can relieve the old disease in his body. As long as he sees the silver silk grass, he will harvest it. Chu Zhimo was a little embarrassed, and once again plucked up the courage to tell her about the night. Komatsu Lan suddenly pointed to the distance to see if the paddock was on fire. Chu Zhimo hurriedly took her back to check the situation.

It turned out that Chu Zhimo’s residence was on fire, but the fire couldn’t be extinguished. Komatsu Lan said that this was tung oil for combustion, and someone must have set the fire deliberately and asked them to find the sand to put out the fire, but Master Xiao deliberately delayed the time. Xiao Songlan heard someone in Chu Zhimo’s room, and everyone checked and found that the city lord had disappeared. Regardless of the danger of the fire, Chu Zhimo rushed into the fire.

Xiao Songlan saw that there was a spell on the door, and quickly found a secluded place to help Chu Zhimo. Chu Zhimo entered the fire scene, found the city lord, and picked him up. The high priest in the distance controlled the spell and wanted to directly burn the two to death with the fire. At the critical moment, Komatsulan used his spiritual power to save them, but he also fainted because of his spiritual power overdraw.

Chu Zhimo carried the city lord out of the fire, and asked Qing Yun to heal the city lord first. Turning around, he found that Xiao Song Lan was missing. Chu Zhimo found Xiao Song Lan who was unconscious, and Xiao Song Lan went to kiss him in a daze, so that he could absorb the medicine. When she woke up, Chu Zhimo asked her if she knew what it meant to marry herself. Komatsu Lan said that she was married and entered the bridal chamber, and Chu Zhimo kissed him directly. Dad Qing Yun brought people over, and Chu Zimo said that this was their secret, so he left first.

Chu Zhimo went to visit the city lord’s injuries, and the city lord asked him clearly as long as he died, he could register with Zhengda, why he would help himself. Chu Zhimo said that he had been used to these intrigues when he was a child, and he didn’t want him to be bullied like himself. He hoped that he could be the person standing behind him. The city lord was moved and said that he knew he would not harm himself. Including the last poisoning incident, I believe it was not him, but I still want to hear him say it personally. Chu Zhimo sat down and touched his head. He was his only relative, and he would not harm him.

Komatsu Lan found Qing Yun and asked him about the spell. Qing Yun said this was posted by the high priest to protect the city lord. Komatsu Lan said that they should be cheated, this high priest is not a good person.

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