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Dear, King of Medicine 亲爱的药王大人 Episode 6 Recap

Chu Zhimo had a dream in which Xiao Songlan was in his bed and asked when he would marry himself. Chu Zhimo couldn’t help but rounded up the room with Komatsu Lan. After waking up, Chu Zhimo was annoyed that he had such a dream.

The city lord came to ask if Chu Zhimo would participate in the hunting. Chu Zhimo said that he would come back. Because of that dream, Chu Zhimo was a little impatient. The city lord was curious that he seemed to be in a bad mood. Chu Zimo ignored him, and when he went out, he saw Xiao Songlan flying at the butterfly. He blushed as he recalled the dream of last night. Komatsu Lan saw him come to ask about Yaowanggu. Some time ago, she had discovered that the poison gas was scattered and the medicine gas was thin in Yaowanggu. She had already told Qingyun father about it, but she didn’t find out the reason. Does he have a clue. Chu Zhimo had been thinking about the dream last night, without concentration. Komatsu Lan asked if he listened to his own words, this was Xiao Ya coming, and Dao Xiao Songlan could not remember how her brother fell off the cliff for her, she was already her brother’s fiancee, why did she seduce Master Yao Wang again.

Komatsu Landao herself didn’t want to be her sister-in-law. Xiao Ya ignored her and continued to tell Chu Zhimo. If he went to participate in the hunting in the afternoon, could she go with him so that she could take care of her. Komatsu Lan said that she would only drag Chu Zimo, Xiao Ya looked at her body, and disdainfully said whether she would drag her back, but she would definitely.

Chu Zimo helped Xiao Songlan by speaking out and let her follow her. Chu Zimo’s heroic hunting posture was watched by people, and Chu Zimo shot a lot of arrows. Xiao Songlan went to the woods to find many precious medicinal materials. Xiao Ya wanted to hurt Komatsu Lan, but was saved by Chu Zhimo. Chu Zimo summoned people to seek justice for Xiao Songlan. Komatsu Lan cried out injustice, and Qing Yun’s father saw that his daughter was almost killed. He was very angry and wanted to ask for justice. Master Xiao is humane, all children, and there must be a misunderstanding among them. Xiao Ya took the opportunity to say that she didn’t want to hurt him, but a rabbit ran over just now.

Chu Zimo asked Xuhuai to find the rabbit he had just caught, and asked Xiao Ya to repeat it. Dad Qing Yun was afraid that Komatsu Lan would be injured, so Komatsu Lan said that it didn’t matter, the city lord also came to the abbot to be fair. Xiao Ya chose a good position and prepared for a repeat. After the repeat, Chu Zhimo Dao was Xiao Ya deliberately seeking murder and wanted to arrest her. City Lord Dao must be Xiao Ya just playing around, just hit fifty boards. When Xiao Ziming appeared, he wanted to plead for Xiao Ya. Komatsu Lan Nian asked Chu Zhimo to spare him because he had saved him and was injured. Chu Zimo was jealous and didn’t want to help him. The city lord said that the punishment must be punished. As for who was punished, let them discuss themselves.

Chu Zhimo felt that Xiao Songlan was always chaotic and finally abandoned. Xiao Songlan felt that he was moody and angry in the grove, and Luluo looked for it. Xiao Songlan’s Chu Zhimo today is so strange, saying that she turned her face and didn’t recognize anyone when she woke up. Luluo grabbed the key point and woke up and asked what she had done to Chu Zhimo. Xiao Song Randao himself fell asleep in his bed and did nothing else. Could Luluodao be because of this? Xiao Songlan shook her head. After waking up, Chu Zhimo did not blame her.

The city lord heard their talk and came over and said, if Komatsu Lan can find Chu Zhimo’s weakness, he can forgive her no matter what mistake she made, Komatsu Lan happily agreed.

Xiao Songlan found Chu Zhimo and thanked him for saving herself in the paddock that day. Chu Zhimo was still jealous and awkward, Xiao Songlan directly asked her what was wrong. When Chu Zhimo said what she had done to herself, Komatsu Lan said that she was unintentional, and Chu Zhimo was even more angry.

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