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Dear, King of Medicine 亲爱的药王大人 Episode 5 Recap

The lord of the city was seriously ill and couldn’t take charge of many things, so Chu Zhimo came anxiously. Master Xiao said that he poisoned the city lord and presented the Four Treasures of the study he had given to the city lord, and asked if he gave it to the city lord. Chu Zhimo, on the contrary, Master Xiao would take him down. Where Chu Zhimo offended him, Lord Xiao said that the pen he gave to the city lord was poisonous. Chu Zhimo took Bi, distinguished the poison, and said how to detoxify. Dad Qing Yun couldn’t say, this is a way to fight poison with poison.

Master Xiao also used this to attack Chu Zhimo. The city lord woke up and asked him if he had poisoned him, and Chu Zhimo asked him to lie down. Master Xiao still didn’t let him go. Chu Zhimo was self-conscious and willing to be put under house arrest. When he arrived in the room, Chu Zhimo clarified that Lord Xiao was using the city lord to deal with him. Fortunately, he attacked him on the day of the poisonous outbreak. As long as the city lord’s poison was relieved, the crisis could be overcome, but no one would help. he.

Xiao Song Lan knew Chu Zhimo, Qing Yun was going to save him, Xiao Song Lan told him to stay calm. Xiao Ziming told her that Chu Zhimo had been put under house arrest because of poisoning the city lord, so Komatsu Lan naturally didn’t believe it. Jing Yiran wanted to go out to see a doctor for Chu Zhimo, but was stopped and saw Xiao Songlan outside the door, winking her so that she could talk to herself in private. Komatsu Lan hurriedly acted like a baby with Xiao Ziming, Xiao Ziming couldn’t stand her move, so he could only agree.

Jing Yiran told Xiao Song Lan that Chu Zhimo needed someone to take care of him, otherwise his life would be in danger. Xiao Song Lan knew that his old illness was about to break out, so Jing Yiran asked her to help him out of the house. Komatsu Lan went to intercede with Xiao Ziming. Xiao Ziming said that he couldn’t do it, so Xiao Song Lan could only give up.

Back in the house, Komatsu Lan wanted to discuss the matter with Qing Yun, but Qing Yun did not respond to him. Things were urgent, Komatsu Lan wanted to enter the City Lord’s Mansion, but no one took her in, and she didn’t know the way. It just so happened that Xiao Ginseng was telling others that he was in and out of the city lord’s mansion, and Komatsu Lan asked him to take him there. There are many charms in the small mansions in the city lord’s mansion, but when he was hit by others, he decided to agree to Dao Xiao Songlan to go to the city lord’s mansion.

Chu Zhimo’s old illness gradually broke out, and Ahe sent food in and persuaded him to use some. Chu Zhimo asked about the poison of the city lord, but he still didn’t improve. Komatsu Lan brought the immortal grass to the castle owner’s house. The small ginsengdao city owner was hit by a centipede, and the small ginsengdao this centipede was a great supplement to them, and took the centipede out to rescue the city owner. Komatsu Lan went out to fetch water. Saffron saw that she was in a bad mood, and asked her what was on her mind. Komatsu Lan said she couldn’t find Chu Zhimo. Komatsulan took the water, and the city lord woke up, Ahe came in outside, and Komatsulan hurriedly hid.

The city lord shoved Ahe away, and Komatsu Lan took care of her carefully, saying that these medicines were useless, and said the correct prescription. Just as Chu Zhimo said, the city lord had misunderstood Chu Zhimo and asked her to look for it. Chu Zhimo. Xiao Songlan found Chu Zhimo, and other fairy grasses were there, Xiao Songlan hurriedly took care of Chu Zhimo. Let the little ginseng give him a few ginseng whiskers, and give Chu Zhimo his life.

Chu Zimo said in a dream, saying that Xiao Ziming was a bad person. Seeing that he was seriously ill, Xiao Songlan decided to save him with her spiritual power. Chu Zhimo woke up, suspecting that he was okay with the poison, took out a sachet from his arms, and someone from outside told him that the city lord had recovered.

Chu Zhimo arrived in the city lord’s house, and the city lord believed him. Mr. Jiang said that the poison was a centipede. If the city lord’s poison was detoxified by the city lord, the poisoned person would be beaten back. Master Xiao came to the high priest’s place and came to apologize, but failed to kill Chu Zhimo. The high priest asked him to wait for the day of hunting.

Jing Yiran was very surprised to see Chu Zhimo come back and see him well. Chu Zhimo Dao may have noble people to help, Jing Yiran Dao is not important, Komatsulan sent a thousand-year ginseng. Chu Zhimo hurried in and saw Xiao Song Lan lying on his bed, very weak, Xiao Song Lan saw that he was coming and wanted medicine energy, so she kissed him directly.

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