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Dear, King of Medicine 亲爱的药王大人 Episode 12 End Recap

Master Xiao believes that Komatsu Lan is the murderer, so she must be questioned. Chu Zhimo asked him to hand the case to him within three days, and he did not find out the truth of the case. He was willing to dismiss all his duties and take the medicine king. The name is also handed over. The Lord of the City agreed to save Komatsulan, but he must keep Komatsulan in Jiangfu and not go out.

Xiao Ziming was still willing to believe in Komatsu Lan. He thought she was not a murderer, so he went to see him, but was stopped by Master Xiao. He was the son of the Xiao family. He should think about the misfortunes and blessings of the Xiao family. How could he be blinded by that woman. Xiao Ya also went to persuade him, but Xiao Ziming was helpless. You can’t defy your father’s order, you can only be silently sad.

The high priest found Chu Zhimo and told him that he now knew that Xiao Song Lan was a fairy, and said that Xiao Song Lan approached him for the purpose of inhaling the medicinal energy from his body and for his own cultivation. If he did not believe it, he gave it to him. A spell, let him stick to his chest, then all the truth will naturally know.

Komatsulan saw that small isatis root dying in her room, and thought to herself, don’t they like to drink their own tea? At this time, the ginkgo tree found Komatsu blue. In order to protect the plants in the Medicine King Valley, the old tree spirit grandfather was backlashed by the barrier, and now he is dying. The Plant Fairy said that the only way to save Grandpa Old Tree Xian was to take the painstaking effort of Chu Zhimo.

Of course Komatsulan didn’t want to. She felt so distressed that Chu Zhimo could bear with her effort to save people. Ginkgo Tree said that if Chu Zhimo’s effort were not taken, then Grandpa Old Shuxian would also die. Besides, it doesn’t take Chu Zhimo’s life to take his heart, just rest for a few days. Komatsulan had no choice but to promise the ginkgo tree to take Chu Zhimo’s blood.

In the evening, Xiao Songlan and Ginkgo Tree sneaked into Chu Zhimo’s room. He was already asleep, and Ginkgo Tree urged Xiao Songlan to get his blood. Unexpectedly, when Komatsu Lan was taking his heart and blood, Chu Zhimo woke up and asked Komatsu Lan why he approached him? Have you ever loved him before, but since he wanted the blood, I gave it to him, saying that he pierced the dagger in Komatsulan’s hand into his chest. Komatsulan was distraught and took the blood and the ginkgo tree. Save the old tree spirit grandpa.

On the way, the ginkgo tree asked him where he was born when he used to be Banlangen. Why hasn’t it been picked up for so many years? Komatsulan took him to the place where he was planted before. There was still a small isatis root, so he stepped on that small isatis root. As a result, the mountain was shaken and a cloud of blue spiritual power appeared in theirs. before. At this time, Chu Zhimo, who was far in the room, remembered his previous life, that his previous life was Yunshuang.

Xiao Song Lan is a fairy grass that he carefully planted himself. During the battle between him and the Plague God, Xiao Song Lan lost his cultivation base and immortal soul to protect him. In order to save Xiao Song Lan, he sent her to the old tree spirit grandfather. In that place, all of his own cultivation base was scattered to help him cultivate, but Komatsu Lan lacked a wisp of soul.

At this time, the God of Plague found Komatsu Lan and wanted to take away the spiritual power from him. Komatsu Nan swears to protect this spiritual power, which must be left by a certain immortal. At the critical moment, Saving Mo rushed to save Komatsu, and then Chu Zhimo was a bit disadvantaged because of the mortal body in the battle with the Plague God, and then that group of spiritual power returned to Chu Zhimo’s body, defeating the Plague God, the Plague God’s The men took away the wounded plague.

With the acquiescence of the old tree spirit grandfather, the other tree immortals hurriedly rescued the two injured and unconscious.

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