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Dear, King of Medicine 亲爱的药王大人 Episode 11 Recap

Xiao Songlan and Tong Chuzhimo broke up unhappily. Xiao Ziming wanted to take him to relax and get happy, but Xiao Songlan was unwilling. Xiao Ziming said, is it possible that she still wants to see the person he doesn’t want to see? Komatsu Lan also found a reason to say that his father would not let him go out. Xiao Ziming assured him that she would be sent back before the sun sets, Komatsu Lan accepted. Xiao Ziming said they would go to the old place. Xiao Songlan didn’t quite understand where the old place was, but he was afraid that Xiao Ziming could see through his identity, so he could only pretend that he knew it. Xiao Ziming took him to a river and said he wanted to go down to play.

Xiao Song Lan was very afraid of water and didn’t want to go down. She jumped on Xiao Ziming’s body. Xiao Ziming couldn’t accept the teachings of men and women, and let Xiao Song Lan get off him, and then said let her Don’t be afraid that you will protect her, then picked up Komatsulan and walked to the middle of the river, then slowly put him down. Komatsu Blue was scared at first, but after touching the river water, she felt very cool. After playing with Xiao Ziming in the river for a while, Xiao Ziming sent her back to the mansion and asked him if he was in a better mood today? Komatsu Lan feels better now, thank him very much.

When Xiao Songlan returned to the mansion, she saw Xiao Taoshu shivering and sitting there waiting for him. She said she didn’t know what was going on with Chu Zhimo. She was in a very bad mood and her face was particularly ugly. She let her cool down all afternoon. It was freezing cold anymore. After Xiao Songlan knew about it, she ran to the Palace of the Chu Prince and looked for Chu Zhimo, and saw him sitting alone under the peach blossom tree drinking.

Komatsulan confessed his identity, saying that he was not Jiang Qingyun, but a thousand-year-old Isatis root. Chu Zhimo asked him if he was a monster? Xiao Songlan Dao is not. He is a plant immortal with a thousand years of cultivation base. Now he knows that he is not a human being and can stay away from him. Chu Zhimo said that no matter who he is, all he likes is him, but Xiao Songlan still left him cruelly for the sake of Chu Zhimo’s life. Chu Zhimo did not give up and told him that he would never live to be 30 years old. In the past 20 years, he has not pursued much in his life. Now he wants him, so let’s entangle him.

Master Xiao came to the High Priest Chu and told the High Priest that Chu Zhimo had cleaned up his business of transporting medicinal materials in the Medicine King Valley. He has now cut off the Xiao family’s financial resources. If the incident is not dealt with in time, the Xiao family will be in danger. The priest told him not to worry, and asked him to send someone to the Medicine King Valley to find the missing medicine farmers and there would be surprises waiting for him.

Master Xiao and Master Jiang sent troops to find more than 30 young and strong medicine farmers in the Valley of the King of Medicines, and they were all concentrated in a cave. Chu Zhimo also rushed to the scene to check the situation. Master Xiao took out a sachet in the cave, saying that the sachet seemed to be owned by Ms. Jiang Jia Jiang Qingyun. Master Jiang was immediately angry. He meant that after he suspected his daughter had killed more than 30 people, he deliberately dropped the sachet in this place. The truth about Lord Xiao’s humanitarian affairs can be known by calling Jiang Qingyun.

The Lord of the City sent A He to bring Komatsu Lan to the City Lord’s Mansion and asked him if he owned this sachet? The Komatsu Blue Sachet is his own. When he was in the hunting ground, he found it was missing. Unexpectedly, it would appear in this place. With this, Master Xiao insisted that it was Komatsulan who killed more than 30 people, saying that he was a monster, and he must have deceived everyone in the form of Jiang Qingyun. Komatsulan thought he had seen his identity.

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