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Dear, King of Medicine 亲爱的药王大人 Episode 10 Recap

Chu Zhimo held Xiao Song Lan and came to Xingshui Temple. After the high priest checked, he could try to save him, but he had to take Xiao Song Lan into the Wuwang Temple Store. Chu Zhimo said yes, but he must go with him. The high priest said that outsiders are not allowed to enter the Wuwang Temple at will. Chu Zhimo is afraid that it is a bit wrong to enter. Chu Zhimo said, if he can’t enter, then Don’t want him to save. The high priest smiled and said, if Chu Zhimo was so persistent, he would also save this group.

Qing Yun woke up Komatsu Lan and asked him how he ran back. Komatsu Lan asked him to try to get a sword through his chest to see if she hurts or not. She just hurts too much. He ran back here subconsciously. He wanted After going out, it hurts as soon as they went out, and then they said it again. Now they took themselves to Xingshui Temple. There was a Taoist priest who could see through his true body. When they left Xingshui Temple, they would go back by themselves, Qing Yun There is no way but to let him stay.

Chu Zhimo greeted him when he saw that the high priest hadn’t saved people. He said that he had this skill. It’s better to save people first. Don’t worry about the high priest. Ask him if he believes in ghosts. Chu Zhimo said, this It’s all nonsense. The high priest told him that Komatsu Lan was such a person. He didn’t need to save it by himself. He would wake up later. Of course, Chu Zhimo did not believe in the high priest’s way. If so, he would prove it to him.

The high priest used magic so that Komatsu Lan could see, and told him that he and Chu Zhimo were not the same. He would only suck the medicine energy from him when he was with him. Chu Zhimo was suffering from an old illness and was completely dependent on him. These medicinal qi continued to live, but after the medicinal qi was exhausted by him, Chu Zhimo would die. Seeing Chu Zhimo’s death, Xiao Songlan ran out in a hurry and returned to his body. Chu Zhimo was very happy to see her waking up, and asked him if there was anything wrong. Xiao Songlan was still immersed in the illusion just now and pushed Chu Zhimo away. The high priest told Chu Zhimo that if he continues to be with Xiao Songlan, a catastrophe will happen.

Seeing that Komatsu had run out completely, Qing Yun’s father was very grateful to the high priest. Komatsu Lan pulled Qingyun’s father and he was about to leave. When he saw the icon of the high priest, he was a little confused. The high priest asked him if he knew these things? Komatsu Lan hurriedly denied that he did not know him, and then went down the mountain. Xiao Ya found Xiao Ziming, saw him look depressed, and told him that Xiao Songlan was not dead. Xiao Ziming hurriedly became happy, and she was going to see him.

Dad Qing Yun had to return to the city as soon as he settled Xiao Song Lan. Xiao Song Lan asked him why, Dad Qing Yun had to go back to the city to see a doctor for Chu Zhimo. Lu Luo explained to the side that Chu Zhimo had been seriously injured, and the old illness had relapsed, and he held him all the way to Shui Xingguan, so it has not been very good for a few days, and Komatsu Lan is very self-blame.

After returning to Daocheng, Komatsu Lan kept avoiding him because he was afraid that he would be put into danger by inhaling the medicine Qi from Chu Zhimo’s body. Chu Zhimo went to look for Xiao Song Lan this night, and saw some green aura rising from his room, recalling that when the fire was on the same day, these were the ones who rescued him, and he doubted Xiao Song Lan’s identity.

Seeing that he doubted his identity, Komatsu Lan hurriedly closed the door and avoided seeing him. On the second day, Luluo took Xiao Songlan out to play. Chu Zhimo went to the tavern to find the city lord. He listened to these fairy and ghost stories in this place. When Xiao Songlan was shopping, he was misused by the merchants, saying that he had broken his jade bracelet, and a group of rascals said he was Fortunately, Xiao Ziming appeared in time to save her own lady. Chu Zhimo also rushed to take Xiao Songlan away.

The three of them were in a stalemate, and Komatsu Lan left with Xiao Ziming in order not to hurt Chu Zhimo.

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