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Dear, King of Medicine 亲爱的药王大人 Episode 4 Recap

Jing Yiran came to mourn for Komatsulan wearing a wreath and mourning clothes. Dad Qing Yun was furious, and Xiao Song Lan brought tea to greet Dad Qing Yun. Jing Yiran saw Xiao Song Lan appear in shock, and said inwardly, Didn’t Chu Zhimo say that Xiao Song Lan had no breath last night and died? Why are you here again? Xiao Song Lan didn’t know why Jing Yiran looked so on, so he asked Ann and went out. Father Qing Yun said that Jing Yiran was uneasy and kind, and even cursed his little junior sister to die. He was punished to kneel down and copy the master’s family rules, Jing Yiran wanted to cry without tears, but could not tell that this was what Chu Zhimo said, so he had to bear this criminal law.

Qing Yun told Komatsu Lan in her dream at this time to go to Qinghe Mansion to explain to Chu Zhimo why she suddenly fainted last night. Komatsu Lan didn’t say yesterday that if she wanted to break out of her body when she was excited, and if she couldn’t control her body, it would cause a suspended animation. Then she must not let Chu Zhimo misunderstand that she was dead.

It happened that Komatsulan overheard Jing Yiran saying that Chu Zhimo was not feeling well recently, and that he was likely to have an illness. Thinking that the medicine gas on his body would be strong when his illness occurred, she wanted to take a while. So he came to the outside of Chu’s Mo Mansion. At this time, A He was watching them outside Chu Zhimo’s house, and Xiao Songlan spotted him. Anzi was sad and worried. A He asked if she was so worried about Chu Zhimo, Xiao Song Lan nodded, but there was a guard at the door that couldn’t get in. A He had a way, so he opened the guard at the door, and Xiao Song Lan took the opportunity to sneak in.

Xu Huai came in and told Chu Zhimo that an assassin had broken in. Chu Zhimo asked him to guard the little study, and he would take care of the rest. Xiao Songlan entered Chu Zhimo’s house, wandered around for a long time, and ran to Chu Zhimo. In the ink room.

Chu Zhimo returned to the room at this time, Qing Yun hurriedly informed Komatsu Lan and told her to hide behind the screen. Chu Zhimo returned to the room and found Xiao Songlan’s breath, and pulled her out. Thinking she was dead, I was shocked when I saw him. Komatsu Lan wondered why he looked at him like this, Qing Yun scolded him as stupid, Chu Zhimo must think she was dead. Komatsu Lan asked him to feel his pulse to know if he was dead. As a result, Qing Yun couldn’t control herself, and she wanted to break out again. Xiao Songlan hurriedly stopped her, said by herself, and threw herself into Chu Zhimo’s arms.

When Jing Yiran came back to see this scene, he scolded Chu Zhimo for not talking about loyalty. He was punished for him in the mansion, but he hugged and hugged Xiao Song Lan in this place. Chu Zhimo couldn’t explain clearly, so he quickly pulled Xiao Song Lan. go. If Jing Yiran wanted to send it, he would send it by himself, so he would do everything by himself. At this time, Xuhuai came in and reported that the map of Yaowanggu transportation in the little study was stolen. It must be the assassin just now. Komatsulan hurriedly explained that the assassin was just to help him come in, and he would definitely not steal any transportation maps. Chu Zhimo asked her why she dared to make such a guarantee, then stood up coldly and asked Jing Yiran to send Xiao Song Lan back. It turned out that the transportation map was stolen by Xiao Ziming, and the Xiao family and the King of Medicine did not deal with them. They were robbing their business. Now it is imminent. At this time, a man in black brought him near thirsty. Let the Xiao family sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight.

Komatsu Lan said he changed his face so quickly. Back in the mansion, I found that the old little fairy grasses were all coming back to look for her, and hurriedly sent Luluo away. As a result, Luluo said that the adult told her to watch the lady all the time before entering the city. Komatsu Lan bribed Lulu with three boxes of cigarette butter and asked her to wait in the next room. The immortal grasses of the Medicine King Valley had already appeared in this place at this time. Although their aura was not as good as the Medicine King Valley, they could barely survive. Komatsu Lan asked them why they were moving, but did not tell herself. They said that Medicine King Valley is now full of poisonous gas, and those immortal grasses without spiritual consciousness have not even preserved their souls, so Grandpa Old Tree stayed to protect them.

Jing Yiran instructed Chu Zhimo in the mansion not to use his internal strength at will, and to eat raw and cold things to raise them well. At this time, Xuhuai came to report and asked him to enter the city lord’s mansion. The city lord was poisoned.

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