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Dear, King of Medicine 亲爱的药王大人 Episode 3 Recap

Komatsu Lan was asleep in the room, Luluo came in and called her up, telling her not to be late for today’s banquet. Xiao Silan asked her what kind of banquet was. Luluodao’s case of human trafficking was solved a few days ago. The Lord of the City specially invited the Patriarch of the Xiao family and the King of Medicine Chu Zhimo to attend the banquet.

Komatsu Lan didn’t want to go, she wanted to take this opportunity to go back to Yaowanggu, she still thought that place was very strange. The clear rhyme in her body made her go to the banquet in a beautiful dress, lest Chu Zhimo would be snatched away by other women at the banquet. Komatsu Lan was unwilling. Qing Yun threatened her hurriedly. Komatsu Lan yelled Luluo, she was ready, Luluo put a lot of hairpins on her head and dressed her. Komatsu Landao is too exaggerated, Luludao, this is what everyone likes, so it is beautiful, what kind of taste is Komatsu Lan Tucao?

Daddy Qing Yun brought Xiao Songlan to the banquet, and first exchanged greetings with the wife of the Patriarch of the Xiao family. Asked the wife of the Xiao family why the Patriarch of the Xiao family did not come, the wife of the Xiao family said that her husband had been unwell recently and had caught the wind and cold, so she specially let herself come to the banquet. Daddy Qingyun also thanked Xiao Ziming for saving Komatsu Lan’s life. Mrs. Xiao said that this is right, she had long regarded Qing Yun as her own daughter-in-law. Komatsu Lan sneaked out by himself while they were chatting. When Xiao Ya saw him sneaking out, she also secretly followed.

Komatsulan wandered around in the city lord’s mansion and saw an orange tree covered with oranges. I stood on tiptoe and picked it vigorously. The city lord passed by and saw Komatsu behaving like this. He thought she was very cute, so he went up to talk to her and asked her if she knew the medicine king Chu Zhimo. When Xiao Songlan knew him and knew him well, the city lord asked her, what kind of person is Chu Zhimo? Komatsu just wanted to say bad things about him, the Qingyun in his body told him. Medicine King came over here. Xiao Songlan hurriedly praised that he was handsome, charming, suave and loved.

The city lord realized that Chu Zhimo she said was indeed different from what she had in mind. The Chu Zhimo in his impression, never cared about others, was a cold-blooded and ruthless person. Komatsu Lan said how could he speak ill of others behind his back, the city lord said that Chu Zhimo was in front of him, and he said the same. In the end, Chu Zhimo stood behind him to deal with it. Chu Zhimo asked him if he had any opinion on him? Komatsu Lan knew that they turned out to be uncles and nephews, and was even more dissatisfied that the city owner even said bad things about his uncle. At this moment, a spider climbed onto the clothes of the city lord, and Komatsu Lan reminded him that the city lord jumped into Chu Zhimo’s arms with fright.

The city lord wanted to slip away, so Chu Zhimo stopped him and said that he had a private matter to discuss with him.

Komatsulan took the opportunity to leave, Xiao Ya found Komatsulan and asked him what he had said to Master Yaowang. Lord Komatsu Lan Tao Yao Wang promised to marry herself soon, Xiao Ya didn’t believe it, and said that she was short and ate a lot. Xiao Songlan didn’t understand what she meant by this, and went to the dream to ask Qing Yun, who said that she was short. Komatsu Lan said that she is not good to compare with others, but she is better than her appearance. She has a clear rhyme so that she can compare her connotation. She is proficient in all kinds of paintings and pictures. Komatsu Lan hits that she is herself. No, but I can help her grow taller. So Luluo dug a hole in the ground and buried herself in the hole during the thunderstorm. She didn’t want to suffer the wind and fainted.

Jing Yiran knew that she had done such a stupid thing and came to laugh at her. She also said that it is not difficult for her to change herself. It would be fine to prescribe a few medicines for him, but Chu Zhimo never took these, it was better than appearance. Then who can he compare to? Let Komatsu Lan fight for his heart, and Komatsu Lan said it was too difficult.

Xiao Ziming came to visit Komatsu Lan and brought her 300 years of life. Komatsu Lan said that this one had a life of up to 200 years, and Chu Zhimo also came at this time. Xiao Ziming came to Komatsulan’s boudoir. How could he break in easily. He was her fiancé, so what was he? Chu Zhimo said that she was the person Xiao Songlan wanted to marry. Xiao Songlan saw that something was wrong and quickly hugged Chu Zhimo. Chu Zhimo mistakenly thought she was going to save Xiao Ziming, but found that she fainted on the ground and died. Chu Zhimo hugged Komatsu Lan back to his room, urging his internal strength, and then returned to Jing Yiran’s place. Jing Yiran saw that he was injured, and was furious only a few days before he became poisonous. At this time, he could not use internal strength.

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