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Dear, King of Medicine 亲爱的药王大人 Episode 2 Recap

Xiao Songlan fainted outside, Chu Zhimo took her back to her home, Jing Yiran gave her a pulse and said that she was hungry and fainted. Luluo said that her lady didn’t know what was wrong. Since waking up, If you don’t touch any meat, you will faint if you only drink soup every day.

When Xiao Songlan woke up, Luluo told her that they were now in Chu Zhimo’s house. Komatsu Lan was very happy, and asked Chu Zhimo if he agreed to marry her? Seeing Chu Zhimo hurriedly rushed up beside him. Chu Zhimo pulled her down, Luluo stood aside with the soup, Xiao Songlan still refused to eat the food inside, only willing to drink the soup. Chu Zhimo told her if she didn’t want to eat, please leave her house. Luluo took the opportunity to persuade her that people are iron rice or steel, and only when they are full can they have the power to chase Chu Zhimo. Komatsulan thinks about it, so She opened her mouth and asked someone to feed it. Luluo took the opportunity to pass the food to Chu Chu Zhimo. Chu Zhimo had no choice but to feed Komatsulan a bite, which was so delicious that she immediately swallowed it regardless of the way she was eating.

Chu Zhimo said when Xiao Songlan was full, he asked her to return to her house and leave the house. Jing Yiran asked him if he was already moved by Xiao Songlan. Chu Zhimo said no, Jing Yiran lied? He used to sneeze when he approached a woman, but today he approached Komatsulan but did not. Chu Zhimo was also puzzled in his heart. When he was in contact with Xiao Song Lan before, there was a smell of medicine on her body, and she didn’t sneeze at all.

After eating, Luluo brought Xiao Songlan back to the enclosure, and said that her eating is too exaggerated. If she wants to eat something, tell herself that they have everything in Jiangfu. Xiao Songlan is very happy. Although I am sorry for this, they still Did not cultivate into the mind. I didn’t even kill too much. When I went out, I saw Chu Chu Zhimo’s door surrounded by many people seeking medical treatment. Since they were here for medical treatment, why didn’t Chu Zhimo treat them? Luluo Dazhe Daxingcheng, who didn’t know to be busy, never treated these people, and then the Xiao Songlan left. At this time, Ahe told the city lord what he heard all the news. The city lord asked the Patriarch of the Xiao family. He remembered that Xiao Songlan had a marriage contract with the son of Xiao’s family, Xiao Ziming. The Patriarch of the Xiao family had a marriage, but now it seems that this I’m afraid the marriage is going to be pornographic. If the city lord Dao is like this, then Chu Zhimo not only broke up their marriage, but also destroyed their relationship. The behavior of the Patriarch of the Xiao family to Chu Zhimo would affect the balance of the three clans in Daxing City. City Lord said, he must not be so worried at all. The most important thing now is the frequent human trafficking cases in the city. The head of the Xiao family realized that his eldest son Xiao Ziming was already investigating the matter, and he believed that there would be results soon.

On the way back, Xiao Songlan met an old woman looking for her missing son. Seeing that she was pitiful, she asked Luluo to go back first and accompany her to find her son.

Accompanying the old woman to a woods, the old woman suddenly disappeared from sight of Xiao Songlan and was hijacked by a group of people in sacks. On the way there, I heard that they were going to Yaowanggu, Komatsulan was very happy, so he could hitchhike home, and the group of people took them to a house where many others were trafficked. The woman, Komatsu Lan, behaved differently from them, very happy. The culprit didn’t expect such a beautiful woman to be a fool. At this time, someone was found outside, and the bandit went out. Xiao Ziming transferred them away, came in and let these women out.

Komatsu Lan took the opportunity to leave, but was caught by Xiao Ziming and wanted to take her home. At this time, the culprits turned around and chased them to a cliff, just at the moment of crisis. Chu Zhimo also appeared to rescue them. Komatsu Lan was eager to go home and jumped off the cliff. She was caught by the agarwood tree, but Xiao Ziming jumped down too. Reluctantly, Xiao Songlan had to give up and go home. When she reached the bottom of the Medicine King Valley, she lamented that this place was covered with poisonous weeds and found her way home. No, take care of Xiao Ziming carefully.

Chu Zhimo followed afterwards. Seeing that he was injured, Xiao Songlan carefully bandaged him and asked him to pay attention to the wound. Dad Qing Yun took someone down to find Xiao Song Lan and took him home. Xiao Song Lan said that this place would still be full of poisonous weeds at night, why would there be no more in the daytime?

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