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Dear, King of Medicine 亲爱的药王大人 Episode 1 Recap

Little Xiancao lost the three souls and six souls in order to save the great god. The big god went down to save him and became the medicine king Chu Zhimo, and the little fairy grass became a isatis root.

In Yaowang Valley, there is singing and dancing, and the other fairy grasses are dancing and exercising. Xiao Songlan is still sleeping, and she is called by her little brother to dance and exercise. These few days are the days of her transformation. She needs to work harder to become more attractive. . At this time, the picker came and Xiao Songlan was pulled out. Coming to a large courtyard with many people, Komatsuran was very happy, and was cut in the next second and made a soup. When she woke up to find herself transformed into a human form, she finally wore Miss Qingyun’s body.

Xiao Songlan was very panicked, and asked where did her father come from? Qing Yun’s father couldn’t believe it, and she pulled her up with shit and urine, and she didn’t even know herself. Xiao Songlan didn’t know her, and found that she was out of mana, Qing Yun’s father gave him his pulse and found that her pulse was normal. Qing Yun’s father asked her to use Lingzhi and other herbs to give her a soup.

Komatsuran was frightened, and found herself looking very beautiful. At this time, when Chu Zhimo came to visit, Qing Yun’s father didn’t like the arrival of Chu Zhimo very much. He didn’t know what medicine he poured Qing Yun into, so that Qing Yun quarreled that he would not marry every day. This time it was also because he followed him to the Medicine King Valley to collect medicine and fell down the cliff. Fortunately, he took his life back.

Xiao Songlan asked the maid Luluoyao Wang Chu Zhimo who she was. Luluodao said that the lady clamored to marry him every day, because she fell in love with Chu Zhimo on the street at first sight. Komatsuran couldn’t believe that she would say such a thing. Butler said, Yao Wang was still waiting in the lobby, Qing Yun’s father didn’t want to see him. If the housekeeper hadn’t had the thousand-year-old Isatis root sent by Chu Zhimo, Qing Yun wouldn’t wake up so quickly. Dad Qing Yun gritted his teeth and said, thanking himself for the face of the thousand-year-old Isatis root. Xiao Songlan heard her name, and some knew what was going on. Qing Yun’s father should take good care of her.

Xiao Songlan still hadn’t figured out the situation, and asked Luluo’s name and telling him what family he was. Luluo only assumed that she was still ill. Xiao Songlan found that she had no mana, and was anxious to return to the Medicine King Valley to practice.

Father Qing Yun came out to see Chu Zhimo, thanking him for his millennium Banlangen, and letting Chu Zhimo and his daughter Huaqing border the line. Chu Zhimo said that he knew that Miss Jiang and the son of merchant Xiao had a marriage contract, and he knew what to do. Dad Qing Yun thanked him, and Xiao Songlan ran out at this time, smelling the smell of Chu Zhimo, and leaning over, feeling the scent tonic, and then said that he was poisonous. Someone seemed inexplicably in her ear to let her get closer and kiss her. After hearing this, Xiao Songlan exclaimed excitedly for Chu Zhimo to marry her, and then fainted.

When Xiao Songlan came to the dreamland, she suddenly realized that there was someone, Jiang Jiajiang Qingyun. Jiang Qingyun woke up and saw Xiao Songlan look the same as her, and asked her why? Komatsu Randao’s own body has been destroyed, so she can only borrow her body. Why does Jiang Qingyundao? Xiao Songlan was already dead, Jiang Qingyun reacted and cried! Xiao Songlan comforted her that although she had no physical body, she still had spiritual consciousness. I can help her fulfill her wish. Qing Yun’s wish is to marry Chu Zhimo, Xiao Song Landao that sick seed?

Komatsulan returned to reality, thinking about how to help Qingyun fulfill her wish, and her skills could absorb the medicinal energy from Chu Zhimo’s body, and then she could obtain a physical body. At this time, a small herbal medicine came to report that someone had been watching her outside. It was Qing Yun’s childhood sweetheart and Xiao Ziming, the son of the Xiao family who had a marriage contract with her. Xiao Songlan said he had forgotten him, and Xiao Ziming reported to his family. There was a man outside the Little Herbal Medicine Road, who turned out to be Chu Zhimo.

Komatsulan was pleased that Chu Zhimo personally delivered it to the door, telling his stubborn illness. When Chu Zhimo returned to the mansion, the personal physician asked him if he had gone to see the woman. Chu Zhimo asked him about Qingyun’s situation and whether he knew medical science, and asked Xuhuai to stare at Jiang’s family.

Qing Yun mentioned that Xiao Songlan had made suggestions and had a strategy of chasing her husband. Unexpectedly, all of them failed, and she also got married with Xiao Ya, the second lady of the Xiao family.

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