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Dance of the Sky Empire 天舞纪 Episode 24 Recap

Long Shu’er recovered her daughter’s body. Li Xuan was at a loss. Long Shu’er hoped to continue to be brothers with Li Xuan. Li Xuan let go of his worries and sat next to Long Shu’er, and gave Long Shu’er a drink. Zheng Bainian returned from playing game and stood under the branches in the distance. He witnessed Long Zhang’er and Li Xuan sitting side by side. He felt uneasy and threw away the game that he had beaten so hard.

Yu Fengmu led Su Youlian back to the Tsarist Palace, and Su Youlian was willing to marry Yu Fengmu in order to get the Saintess Stone. Li Xuan heard that Su Youlian would be married to Yufengmu, he felt heavy and lost, walking down the street depressed. A big man was hit by Li Xuan, and he was frightened and knocked Li Xuan to the ground, punching and kicking Li Xuan. Long Changer rushed over and shot the big man away. She suggested that with Li Xuan when Yufengmu got married, she would take away the saint stone that Yufengmu gave to Su Youlian.

Xiao Fengming suggested that the crown prince force the emperor to write an abdication edict. Under Xiao Fengming’s bewilderment, the prince led his troops to rebel and forced his father to write an abdication edict. Xiao Fengming suddenly made a move to trap the prince, intending to kill the emperor. Although the prince wanted to seize the throne, he never wanted to kill his father. Seeing that the emperor was about to die in Xiao Fengming’s hands, Yunshan rushed over and beat Xiao Fengming away.

Xiao Fengming led the spruce to the open ground and strangled the spruce’s neck. Scene by scene of the past came to mind, Xiao Fengming remembered the gentle and moving appearance of Spruce, and he gradually recovered his sense of reason, and raised the dying spruce.

Xiao Fengming was exhausted and went to bed to rest because of the struggle with the Dragon Emperor’s heart demon. The prince entered the room following his subordinates, who suggested that Xiao Fengming be killed. All the subordinates around the prince were respectful and afraid of Xiao Fengming. Xiao Fengming was inexhaustible, and even the prince would not pay attention to him, and he would definitely be disrespectful to the prince in the future. Under the encouragement of his men, the prince held a dagger and walked to the bed.

Xiao Fengming woke up, scared the prince’s face as earthy. Xiao Fengming raised his hand with a wave, and the dagger flew out of the prince’s hand, like a bolt of lightning that pierced into the prince’s body. The prince saw his hand fall to the ground and was so frightened. Xiao Fengming returned the dagger to the prince and continued to sleep.

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