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Dance of the Sky Empire 天舞纪 Episode 23 Recap

Li Xuan’s robbery field rescued Long Chang’er, Su Youlian followed Yu Fengmu and arrived in Sha Country

Yu Fengmu led Su Youlian back to the kingdom of sand. The more Yunshan thought about it, the more relieved Xiao Fengming was, and asked his brother Yu Fengmu to return to the city to find Xiao Fengming. If it is Su Youlian who is in trouble, Yu Fengmu will not hesitate. He understands his sister Yunshan’s feelings and agrees to return to Apocalypse City.

Long Changer and Zheng Bainian were taken to the execution ground, and they were about to be beheaded. Li Xuan rushed over, robbed the magic field with one person, repelled many soldiers, and pulled Long Zhang’er to walk outside the city gate. After Feng Changqing and Bian Lingcheng were put in place, Zheng Bainian was also free, and he followed Long Chang’er.

Li Xuan Guangtian turned the day to robbery and rescued Long Chang’er. The news reached the prince’s ears, and the prince was angrily scolded a few hands. Yunshan came to the prince and revealed that Xiao Fengming was possessed by the dragon emperor’s heart demon. The prince thought that Yunshan was talking nonsense and asked Yunshan to show evidence. Yunshan found Xiao Fengming and accused the Dragon Emperor of possessing Xiao Fengming. The Dragon Emperor was dismantled, and he reached out and pinched Yunshan’s neck. Xiao Fengming regained his sanity and fought against the Dragon Emperor’s heart demon, causing the Dragon Emperor’s heart demon to split with a headache, so he had to drop the spruce and leave.

The prince invited Xiao Fengming to drink, handed over the power of command to Xiao Fengming, and urged Xiao Fengming to find a group of top masters.

After Long Zhang’er escaped, he analyzed Su Youlian’s whereabouts with Li Xuan. Su Youlian relied on the Saintess Stone to wake up the Dragon Emperor. As the previous use of the Saintess Stone could not awaken the Dragon Emperor, Su Youlian could only go to Sha Country to get the Saintess. stone. Time is urgent, Li Xuan and the master and servant of Long Zhanger embarked on the road to the kingdom of sand.

The people on the border of Saudi Arabia have been harassed by the Apocalypse soldiers for many years. Yu Fengmu led Su Youlian to the border and drove away the Apocalypse soldiers who bullied the people. Su Youlian followed Yufengmu to the inn. Several Apocalyptic soldiers came in to play with Su Youlian. General Sha Guohe rushed over, subdued a few Apocalyptic soldiers and saluted Yufengmu. Yu Fengmu couldn’t bear to watch the border residents being harassed by the Apocalypse soldiers, and announced that the border was armed to prevent the Apocalypse soldiers from entering the Saudi border at will.

Long Zhang’er resumed her daughter bathing in the river. Li Xuan found a snake swimming towards Long Zhang’er. In a hurry, he flew to the surface of the river and killed the snake. He relieved Long Zhang’er. Long Zhang’er faces Li Xuan as his daughter, returns to the shore to warm himself, and tells Li Xuan why he pretends to be a man. Eighteen years ago, the national teacher told the emperor that if a princess was born in the palace, it would bring disaster to the entire kingdom. After Long Chang’er was born, her mother asked someone to send her out of the city overnight.

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