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Dance of the Sky Empire 天舞纪 Episode 22 Recap

Long Zhang’er was imprisoned, Li Xuan seriously injured Su Youlian

Xiao Fengming broke into the royal palace residence and unexpectedly killed several masters around the prince. The prince recognized Xiao Fengming, and his face changed drastically. Xiao Fengming offered to serve the prince. The prince questioned Xiao Fengming’s abilities. Xiao Fengming opened his arms and pointed at the assassins lying around, proving that he was powerful and could kill several masters with just a few seconds. The prince appreciated Xiao Fengming’s strength and decided to take Xiao Fengming under his banner.

Spruce met his brother Yufengmu in the city, Su Youlian put on a veil to block his face. The group walked outside the city and fought fierce battles with the soldiers defending the city. Li Xuan heard the news and rushed outside the city to find Su Youlian who was alone. The two of them fought, and Li Xuan pierced Su Youlian’s abdomen with a sword. When Su Youlian fell to the ground, she dropped the beads on her body. Li Xuan picked up the beads and held them in the palm of his hand, secretly ruining the beads. The beads in his hand were the token of love he gave to Su Youlian, and now the two of them have become unshakable enemies.

Li Xuan severely injured Su Youlian, did not kill, but walked back. Many soldiers rushed over, intending to kill Su Youlian. Li Xuan used his power to knock down all the soldiers, Yu Fengmu rushed over and rescued Su Youlian.

Li Xuan met Long Chang’er. Because of his great luck, his eyes fell to the ground with black eyes. Long Chang’er returned to the city accompanied by his confidant Zheng Bainian. Many officers and soldiers rushed over and announced that Long Chang’er and Li Xuan colluded, released Su Youlian, and imprisoned Long Chang’er and Zheng Bainian in the prison. After Zheng Bainian was imprisoned, he was impatient and restless, so Long Zhang’er took himself in for Li Xuan. Xie Yunshi visited the prison instead of Dragon Mother, and Long Chang’er told Xie Yunshi that she had her own way to escape from the prison.

Li Xuan did not kill Su Youlian, Ziji announced that Li Xuan would be expelled from Yunmo Academy, and at the same time he would dissolve his mentorship with Li Xuan. Li Xuan was in a heavy mood and visited Yunmo Academy for the last time. The emperor sent troops to arrest Li Xuan everywhere, Feng Changqing and Border Town blocked the soldiers from searching, and Zi Ji appeared and drove away the soldiers.

Su Youlian told Yunshan the truth that Xiao Fengming was possessed by the Dragon Emperor’s Heart Demon. As long as the Dragon Emperor wakes up, the Heart Demon will leave Xiao Fengming. In his sleep, Xiao Fengming talked to the Dragon Emperor’s Demon, who threatened to rule the world.

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