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Dance of the Sky Empire 天舞纪 Episode 21 Recap

Yu Fengmu took Su Youlian out of the city overnight, and the two settled in the ruined house outside the city. Yu Fengmu offered to take Su Youlian back to the sand country. As long as Su Youlian went to the sand country, the Dragon King would have a chance to restore his freedom.

Xiao Fengming killed many people overnight, and Yunshan had lingering fears. Cui Pianran believed that the murderer was Xiao Fengming, but Cui Yanran felt that the murderer was someone else. Xiao Fengming was well-mannered, and it was logically impossible to become a murderous demon.

The murder of Yunmo Academy alarmed the ruling and opposition parties, and the emperor Xuan Li Xuan entered the palace. Li Xuan had a good personal relationship with Su Youlian on weekdays, and it was rumored that he had colluded with Su Youlian and caused the tragedy of Yunmo Academy. The prince urged his father to execute Li Xuan, and Long Changer interceded for Li Xuan. She often interacted with Li Xuan and determined that Li Xuan was not a vicious person.

The emperor thought twice and ordered the guards to take Li Xuan away for capital punishment. In order to save the life of his adopted son Li Xuan, Li Shude took off the official hat on his head in public and proposed to have suffered for Li Xuan. Without waiting for the emperor to express his stance, Li Shude grabbed the long sword carried by the guard next to him, slashed his neck, cut his throat and died on the ground.

Li Xuan heard the sound of his adoptive father committing suicide and fell to the ground, turned around in grief and anger, and rushed to his adoptive father Li Shude’s side. Although Li Shude is not Li Xuan’s biological father, he takes care of Li Xuan as his biological son. Li Xuan lost his reason, released the power in his body, and attacked the surrounding guards. There was immediate chaos in the hall, and Zi Ji rushed over and hit Li Xuan’s forehead with his hand. Li Xuan gradually recovered his consciousness and withdrew his murderous aura. The emperor said that Ziji chose Li Xuan as the guardian of the country and decided to execute Li Xuan. Zi Ji disagrees with the execution of Li Xuan by the emperor. If the court executes Li Xuan, it will cause panic and rumors, and then the imperial city will fall into chaos.

The emperor listened to Ziji’s suggestion and put Li Xuanguan into the prison. Long Zhanger gave a gift to Duke Yang, hoping that Duke Yang would persuade the emperor to open up to Li Xuan. Yu Fengmu conveyed the true energy for Su Youlian, and Su Youlian was still weak. Yufengmu and Su Youlian mentioned that many people died in the city, and the killer was from the Kunwu tribe.

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