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Dance of the Sky Empire 天舞纪 Episode 20 Recap

Su Youlian failed to save the Dragon Emperor, Xiao Fengming was possessed by the Dragon Emperor and killed several people

Li Xuan kissed Su Youlian in his sleep. After waking up from the dream, the sky was bright, and the shop owner came into the room to wake up Li Xuan and guessed that Li Xuan had a spring dream. Li Xuan sat up from the bed and recalled the scene of kissing Su Youlian. He always felt that it was not a dream, but a real thing.

At night, Li Xuan instructed Feng Changqing to trick Ziji out of the city. As soon as Ziji left, Li Xuan broke into the secret realm and found the sword inserted in the secret realm. Long Chang’er rushed over, worried that Li Xuan would be deceived, Li Xuan refused to listen to Long Chang’er’s persuasion, and insisted on pulling out the secret sword.

Su Youlian took the opportunity to appear and introduced herself to the trapped Dragon Emperor as the twentieth generation of Kunwu saint. After listening to Su Youlian’s introduction, Li Xuan realized that Su Youlian was fooled. In order to rescue the Dragon Emperor, Su Youlian cruelly fought Li Xuan and stabbed Li Xuan with a sword. Long Zhanger supported the injured Li Xuan. Su Youlian discovered that Li Xuan had lost his self-healing ability.

Long Zhanger reminded her with grief and anger that Li Xuan gave her self-healing ability to Mr. Tianshu in order to help her leave the secret world of snow. . Su Youlian learned the truth and regretted it, but when she thought that she was a saint of Kunwu clan, she could only get up and continue to relieve the dragon emperor. After Ziji left the city, realizing that he had been cheated, Feng Changqing admitted that he was deceiving Ziji out of the city under Li Xuan’s instructions. Ziji returned to his residence and entered the secret realm, severely hurting Su Youlian. Although Li Xuan was deceived by Su Youlian, he still retained a trace of affection for Su Youlian. Su Youlian suddenly disappeared. It turned out that Yu Fengmu rescued her.

Xiao Fengming wandered inside and outside the academy late at night, killing several people in a row until he met Yunshan before he recovered a little reason and let Yun Bin go. Xiao Fengming was accustomed to sleepwalking at night, but he was actually possessed by the dragon emperor’s inner demon. After the dragon emperor was trapped, the inner demon left his body and possessed himself in Xiao Fengming’s body. From then on, Xiao Fengming would sleepwalk in the middle of the night.

Yu Fengmu led Su Youlian to transfer overnight, and Su Youlian could no longer stay in the academy. When Li Xuan came out of the secret realm, the academy had become a mess of porridge. Several disciples died. Some people rumored that Su Youlian killed the same door in the academy when he fled. Li Xuan looked at the same corpse on the ground, very guilty.

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