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Dance of the Sky Empire 天舞纪 Episode 18 Recap

Long Shaoer’s girl disguised as a man was discovered by Li Xuan Li Xuan celebrated Long Shaoer’s birthday

Li Xuan stopped Su Youlian, wondering if he was important in Su Youlian’s heart. Su Youlian resisted the grief in his heart to deceive Li Xuan, falsely claiming that the previous love with Li Xuan was all on the spot, and he had no love for Li Xuan at all.

The prince put Long Chang’er under house arrest, and Xu Bainian was impatient and unable to rush out immediately. Long Zhang’er decided to forcefully return to the mansion accompanied by Xu Bainian, the prince led people to stop him, and told him that Long Zhang’er returned to the mansion without authorization. Long Zhang’er couldn’t bear it, arched his hands and apologized to the prince, with a strong murderous look in his eyes, and lowered his voice to remind the prince not to do too much.

Seeing that Long Zhang’er dared to threaten him, the prince was angry and ordered his men to teach Long Zhang’er. Xu Bainian made a decisive move, knocking down all the subordinates around the prince with one move, leading Long Yan’er to escape.

Long Changer fled back to her residence and changed her coat. It turned out that she was a daughter. Back then, her mother forced her to pretend to be a man. If the prince knew her details, she would definitely not show mercy.

After Xu Bainian left, Long Zhang’er took off his clothes and went into a wooden barrel to bathe. Li Xuan came to find Long Chang’er, and was so scared that Long Chang’er quickly put on his underwear. Li Xuan entered Long Zhang’er’s residence and reached out to put his hand on Long Zhang’er’s shoulder. He did not find that Long Zhang’er was a daughter. Long Chang’er was injured and passed out.

Li Xuan hurriedly helped Long Zhan’er go to bed to rest, and Long Zhan’er woke up and suddenly had a heartbeat for Li Xuan. That night was Long Chang’er’s birthday, and her birthday was over as soon as daybreak. She had a rare birthday and asked Li Xuan to make up for it. Li Xuan proposed to Bian Lingcheng to celebrate Long Shaoer’s birthday, and he arranged lanterns throughout the city on Bian Lingcheng’s proposal. Bian Lingcheng, accompanied by Su Youlian, left the city and told Su Youlian about Li Xuan’s life experience. Li Xuan always wanted to find out the cause of his birth mother’s death, but Zi Ji never allowed him to leave the city.

Li Xuan came to take Long Chang’er out, led Long Chang’er around the brothel, and called several young and beautiful singer girls to serve Long Chang’er. Li Xuan was sitting outside the door drinking tea, Long Shun’er couldn’t stand the beautiful women around him, she couldn’t bear to hit a few beauties with her palm, and smashed a hole in the building.

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