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Dance of the Sky Empire 天舞纪 Episode 17 Recap

Li Xuan was annoyed, and while Ling Ling asked which pot to open and which pot to mention, he raised Su Youlian in front of Li Xuan, and determined that Su Youlian only had Yu Fengmu in his eyes, not Li Xuan.

Li Xuan was upset and proposed to follow Long Chang’er to fight against the Kunwu Remaining Party. Long Zhanger only found it incredible. Li Xuan used to be hostile to the Kunwu tribe, and now he took the initiative to follow the soldiers and horses to attack the Kunwu tribe. Long Zhanger guessed Li Xuan’s mind. Li Xuan actually wanted to escape the marriage and attacked Kunwu by going out. The opportunity of the family to escape the marriage contract with Cui Pianran.

Long Zhanger led the students including Su Youlian out of the city to find the place where the Kunwu people settled, killed many Kunwu people, and captured the Kunwu general Youan alive. Su Youlian sneaked into the tent where Youan was being held in the middle of the night, wielding a sword and using all his mana, trying to cut off the chains that bound Youan. The long sword in Su Youli’s hand exuded a powerful sword aura, and it collapsed the tent door.

Long Zhang’er led the troops to rush over, and You An was injured by the sword qi. He planned to remind Su Youlian to avenge his family, and he was carried in Su Youlian’s hands. General Xu suspected that Su Youlian was not trying to kill You An, but to save You An. Yu Fengmu helped Su Youlian to theorize that everyone present saw You An die in front of Su Youlian, and Long Zhanger also expressed belief that Su Youlian killed Youan.

In the dead of night, Su Youlian sneaked into Li Xuan’s room accompanied by Yu Fengmu and stole the token. Su Youlian wanted to kill Li Xuan, but couldn’t do it, so she had to drop Li Xuan and use the token to enter the prohibition, in an attempt to extract the ice sword that suppressed the Dragon Emperor, but returned without success.

The next day, Feng Changqing mentioned to Li Xuan that he saw two men in black, and guessed that the two men in black wanted to steal tokens. One of the men in black looked like a woman, and Feng Changqing felt that the man in black who looked like a woman was Su Youlian.

Li Xuan found Su Youlian in the corridor, grabbed Su Youlian who was about to leave, and mentioned the matter of stealing tokens. If Su Youlian wants the token, Li Xuan is willing to give it away. He just wants to know if the person who accompanies Su Youlian to steal the token is Yu Fengmu.

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