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CrossFire 穿越火线 Episode 15 Recap

Xiao Feng and Lieutenant were eating noodles in the restaurant. Xiao Feng asked Lieutenant how they knew each other, so they chatted about what happened when they met at the time and complained about each other’s embarrassment. After Xiao Feng asked the captain that he did not regret following this path with him, he hadn’t made a name for himself until now. The captain said he didn’t regret it and would keep going even if he chose the wrong path. Xiao Feng said what to do in case of failure. The captain said that there was no regret in his dictionary. He also said that the master had calculated it for them, saying that they would definitely win the national championship in the future. Xiao Feng also told him that the master said that their future will get better and better, that they will get more and more popular, there will be clubs, and there will be professional leagues. He also told him that in the future, no one will say that they are not doing their jobs properly and will be called. They are professional e-sports players.

An Lan told them that a reporter was coming to visit them and asked if they would have time tomorrow. Xiao Feng said that he would be interviewed even if something happened tomorrow. In the evening, Xiao Feng and Xiaobei connected. Xiao Feng told him not to turn his experience into a routine, so that it would be easy for others to find ways to deal with it. Xiaobei said that this is the most attractive part of e-sports, not only fighting courage but also fighting spirit. Xiao Feng asked how Xiaobei’s legs were. Xiaobei said that he was still the same. Anyway, he didn’t need legs to play games. Xiao Feng pushed Xiao Bei down, and then pointed his gun at Xiao Bei to fight. Xiao Feng told Xiaobei to let him put the feelings in the game into reality. He also said that his problem was not in his lap, but in his heart. So I took Xiaobei to run freely in the game.

So Xiaobei did his own rehabilitation in the gym the next day, and Chu Ge watched from a distance. Xiaobei didn’t give up even if he fell, and insisted all the time. Xiaobei and Chu Ge smiled at each other. Xiao Feng replayed the semi-final game and discovered that the captain had opened up. The four of Su Jiayi and Cheng Hao are sick, except for Xiaobei. So Xiaobei and the others went to the hospital to see a doctor after winning the game. Xiao Feng and the others met with the reporter, and the reporter seemed reluctant. So when I interviewed them, I was very dissatisfied and said that they were not doing their jobs properly and that they hated e-sports the most, and complained that the leaders let him do the interview. Xiao Feng was very angry when he heard that, so he retorted the reporter and said that everything has two sides, and she only looks at one side is prejudice. The leader asks her to do the interview, she can refuse, and adults must learn to refuse. Furthermore, let her not give pointers to their lives. The reporter was speechless, so he had to leave angrily.

Xiao Feng let them go first, leaving the captain saying that there was something wrong with him, and ordered a cup of coffee extravagantly. Xiao Feng implied whether the captain did something in the game that day, the captain knew that Xiao Feng knew about his opening, so he admitted. Back to the present time, the captain held the 10th anniversary celebration of the Gravity Club in the club, and said happily that he would establish a dynasty that belongs to Gravity. The captain confessed what he had done, and Xiao Feng said it was cheating. The captain explained that he didn’t want to do this either, but Xiao Feng was not there that day, so he could only do it in order to win the game.

Xiao Feng asked him if he couldn’t afford to lose. The captain said that he just couldn’t afford to lose. He wanted to win. He wanted more people to look up to him and let the team go on. Xiao Feng said that the results will be cancelled if they are discovered. That’s why the captain said that he hadn’t told anyone, Xiao Feng asked him to be a man first and then do things. Talking about that, the female reporter came back to take the mobile phone she forgot. Who knew that all their conversations were recorded by the mobile phone, so the female reporter listened to the conversation and wrote a report.

Xiao Feng wanted to take the initiative to admit his mistake. The captain said that he would be disqualified from the competition. Let him think again. An Lan told Xiao Feng that the female reporter insisted on publishing the article, and it was mostly negative. Xiao Feng said he was not afraid, and wanted to see what she could do. Xiaobei brought his teammates to find Chu Ge, hoping that Chu Ge could help train their stamina. After the training, they went to the restaurant to eat together, and Wang Kai received a call saying that his grandma had fallen. So Xiaobei and the others came to the hospital to take care of grandma.

Grandma pestered Xiaobei to teach her to play games, and Wang Kai let grandma rest in bed. Grandma said that her sister wanted to see her, but she was unhappy that she hadn’t cleaned up, so Xiaobei asked Nezha to help her with a nice hairstyle. Chu Ge also brought some food, and everyone was very happy.

The opponent that Xiaobei’s team encountered was the team that Su Jiayi had been with before. The opponent came to provoke, and Cheng Hao and the others looked dumbfounded at the beautiful young lady. They had a bit of a disadvantage in the first few games, but then they managed to win the game. Su Jiayi also reconciled with her former teammates. Xiaobei found that Wang Kai was a little bit wrong and asked him what’s wrong. Wang Kai said he might not be able to fight and asked them to find someone else.

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