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CrossFire 穿越火线 Episode 14 Recap

Anlan helped them make appointments for a lot of games and helped them get sponsorships. Although the money is not much, as long as they don’t lose many games, they can fully support them to play in Shenzhen. But the other party made a request that they should wear their sponsored costumes in every game. They didn’t accept it at first, so An Lan said that if he didn’t wear it, he would have no money. Then everyone happily put on the team uniform and took pictures, and said that the quality of the clothes was good. Xiao Feng said that he saw not only this dress, but also the commercial value of their team.

Xiao Feng and his teammates came to the Internet cafe to compete, and An Lan was responsible for their food and drink. Everyone was tired after playing a lot of games and fell asleep in the Internet cafe. When Xiao Feng returned home, he saw that the lights at home started to flash again, so he rushed to the room to connect with Xiaobei. Xiaobei thanked Xiao Feng for letting him see his brother for the last time, and said that he had put it down now. Xiaobei asked Xiao Feng how to solve the problem of shortcomings in the team, and Xiao Feng initially suggested that he change shortcomings into growth ones.

But when I heard that Xiaobei’s good brother didn’t want to give up on him, he told him that under such circumstances, they could only use their advantages. Xiaobei said that he didn’t know how they would have an advantage. Xiao Feng said that the opponent would always beat their weaknesses, so their advantage was to know how the opponent beat them. Everyone has shortcomings, and only by doing what they are good at can they maximize their value. But if you want to turn your shortcomings into advantages, there is another key point, that is, there must be a tacit understanding between teammates.

So Xiaobei invited his father to be a coach to train the tacit understanding between them. Their father took them to the mall, Cheng Hao and his father formed a team, and the rest formed a team. Let Xiaobei and the others hinder him and Cheng Hao, and if they succeed in intercepting, they will invite them to dinner. So Xiaobei and his team dispersed, and they searched everywhere for a long time without finding any trace of them. So Xiaobei said that they needed to cooperate with each other, Xiaobei assigned each of them tasks, and also used mobile phones as walkie-talkies to communicate positions to each other. Finally, they cooperated with each other and successfully intercepted father and Cheng Hao. Chu Ge helped Xiaobei with rehabilitation training. Xiaobei said that Chu Ge was too cruel. After a while, he was pulled up by An Lan for training.

Xiao Feng celebrated Changsha’s birthday at Christmas. Because Xiao Feng didn’t give enough money, there was no birthday cake and no longevity noodles. So Xiao Feng asked Chang Sha to say that a wish would satisfy him, so Chang Sha said that he wanted to go to the disco. Xiao Feng saw the bulletin board saying that a lady can take a man in for free, so he asked An Lan to take Changsha in first, then out to change clothes, and then bring the captain in. Xiao Feng felt that this was too slow, so he planned to make A Ming dress up as a woman. Xiao Feng and the others went in and danced on the dance floor with An Lan. But hopped Aminglu stuffed, so Xiao Feng and his party were chased by Santa Claus. After Xiao Feng and the others ran off, they continued to celebrate Chang Sha’s birthday. Amin took out steamed buns and candles from his clothes. Chang Sha felt particularly moved, and told them that his wish was to do what he liked with the people he liked. They had a very happy birthday together.

Xiaobei led the team to play against the people of the Wolfya League. At first everyone looked down on the team. Xiaobei hoped that Cheng Hao could play as they had said before, so he won the first game with a beautiful tactic at the beginning. In the second game, the opponent changed the zero degree, which somewhat suppressed Xiaobei and the others. So Xiaobei and the others wanted to get rid of the zero degree of touch, and finally succeeded in killing the zero degree and won the match point.

Chu Ge was a little dizzy when she couldn’t keep up with her nutrition. Chu Ge returned to the class and opened her schoolbag and found that Xiaobei had put a chocolate in her schoolbag. Chu Ge was very happy. When Chu Ge left school, he saw that Xiaobei’s father was the same policeman he met at the police station, so he ran to the police station under the heavy rain. Back in 2008, Chu Ge met Xiaobei’s father at the police station. Lu Tianming learned on the phone that Chu Ge’s father was dead. Lu Tianming did not tell Chu Ge that her father was dead because he went to see Xiao Nan’s car accident. So when Lu Tianming came back, she told Chu Ge that her father was dead, and Chu Ge immediately ran out crying after hearing it.

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