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13 (2020) サーティーン

13 (2020)
Other Title: 13 / サーティーン

Genres: Drama, Suspense, Family
Mizuta Naruhide
Asano Taeko
Fuji TV / Tokai TV
Release Date: 
Aug. 1, 2020
Related Show:
BBC Series by Marnie Dickens


  • Sakuraba Nanami as Aikawa Yuria
  • Nogami Momone as young Yuria
  • Kin Hanna (金恒那) as child Yuria
  • Itaya Yuka as Aikawa Asami
  • Jinbo Satoshi as Aikawa Soichi
  • Ishikawa Ruka (石川瑠華) as Aikawa Chiho
  • Yamazaki Ririna as young Chiho
  • Sasaki Sakura (佐々木桜) as child Chiho


Aikawa Yuria disappeared when she was 13 years old. 13 years later, Yuria suddenly returns back to her family which now looks completely different. The family has fallen apart and the girl’s return starts to change the fate of various people.

Meanwhile, Yuria tells the police that she was kidnapped. What has actually happened over the last 13 years?

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