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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 25 End Recap

Yue Zonglin wanted to explain to Zhao Yuxing what happened back then, but Zhao Yuxing didn’t want to hear what Yue Zonglin said. Yue Zonglin told Zhao Yuxing that it was a matter between his father’s generation and it had nothing to do with them, but Zhao Yuxing told Yue Zonglin that it was 13 lives. It’s her Zhao family who is full of families. Have you ever heard of the father’s debt payment? Zhao Yuxing knelt down and begged Yue Zonglin to let Yue Zonglin let her go out of the palace.

At this moment, the emperor passed by and saw them quarreling, so the emperor asked Zhao Yuxing It was not Yue Zonglin who bullied her. Zhao Yuxing told the emperor that Yue Zonglin had derailed and asked the emperor to allow her to leave the palace, saying that she had not been in the palace for so many years and had not asked the emperor to agree to her this time, before the emperor could speak Zhao Yuxing He passed out.

After drinking the soup Hong’er sent, Qiu Qi became disinterested in everything. I just wanted to share the soup Hong’er gave her. If I don’t drink it for a day, it would be uncomfortable to die. Qiu Qi is about to ask Lian’er to find Hong’er. During the soup, Hong’er came to Suyu Palace and gave Qiuqi the soup. Hong’er dispensed the medicine in the soup that Qiuqi gave, causing Qiuqi to have a hallucination. Hong’er knew when Qiuqi was confused. Now that Qiuqi is not the real Niu Hulu, Qiuqi also knows Qiuqi’s real name. Hong’er tells Qiuqi that as long as the emperor is alive for one day, he is not safe. He is safe only if the emperor dies. Let Qiuqi kill him. The emperor, Qiu Qi agreed.

Shu FeiI searched for Hong’er everywhere in Yanqing Palace, but couldn’t find it, and found the medicine Hong’er hidden underneath in a flowerpot. Concubine Shu pulled out a little and put the medicine back in its original position. Hong’er returned to Yan. In Qinggong, Concubine Shu asked Hong’er what he was doing, but Hong’er didn’t say anything. In the Tai Hospital, Zhao Yuxing woke up, and Liu Yuan’s judge told Emperor Zhao Yuxing that he had agreed to her going out of the palace.

Yue Zonglin had been waiting outside Zhao Yuxing’s gate for Zhao Yuxing to wake up and beg her for forgiveness. Zhao Yuxing had collected her things and was ready to go out and saw Yue Zonglin, but Zhao Yuxing did not say a word to Yue Zonglin. When she walked to the entrance of the Imperial Hospital, she met Concubine Shu and Concubine Shu gave Zhao Yuxing the medicine he found in Hong’erzang today for Zhao Yuxing to see, but Zhao Yuxing was not in the mood to care about these directly to Shu.

The concubine said that the medicine was okay, Zhao Yuxing led Xiaoer to the gate of the palace and hesitated, remembering the past with Yue Zonglin, but Zhao Yuxing still left. Hong’er gave Qiu Qi the poison and asked Qiu Qi to give the emperor the medicine. Lao Zhang was paying the folks to identify the herbal medicine, and suddenly he was very happy to see Zhao Yuxing coming back. Zhang took Zhao Yuxing to the room that had been prepared for Zhao Yuxing. Concubine Shu asked Hong’er what the medicine was for and explained what Hong’er had done in the past few days. Hong’er told Concubine Shu that she wanted the emperor to die because the emperor killed her husband.

Concubine Shu knelt down and begged Hong’er let the emperor go, it was his husband, but Hong’er not only didn’t agree, he tied Concubine Shu to Yanqing Palace. The next morning, after Zhao Yuxing slept and woke up, Lao Zhang told Zhao Yuxing a lot of truths. Zhao Yuxing asked Lao Zhang Shufei what kind of herbal medicines she had shown her. He knew that the combination of these medicines was five stones. San, is a kind of hallucinogen, Zhao Yuxing ran back to Yue Mansion eagerly after knowing it and asked Yue Zonglin to let Yue Zonglin enter the palace with him.

Yan Huanyue came to Yanqing Palace to look for Concubine Shu, but found out where Concubine Shu was tied up. She wanted to save Concubine Shu. Then Hong’er suddenly appeared. Yan Huanyue was killed by Hong’er for Concubine Shu. Zhao Yuxing and Yue Zonglin entered the palace together. Where did you know the emperor went to Suyu Palace and guessed the real purpose of Hong’er. The emperor came to Suyu Palace. Qiu Qi was about to give the emperor the cup of poisoned wine to drink, but the emperor When I was about to drink, I suddenly remembered a lot of the past with the emperor before, so I overturned the wine glass and told the emperor that she wanted to poison him, but he found that she could not do it by herself and returned it to the emperor. Said a lot of truth.

On the other side, Yue Zonglin and Zhao Yuxing worked together. Yue Zonglin went to Qingning Palace to find the emperor. Zhao Yuxing went to find Qiuqi. Zhao Yuxing met Hong’er halfway through. Fortunately, Yue Xingbang suddenly appeared. Yue Xingbang hugged Hong’er and let Zhao Yuxing go. Looking for the emperor, but Zhao Yuxing still picked up and killed Hong’er and Yue Xingbang together. Yue Zonglin didn’t see the emperor in Qingning Palace

Yue Zonglin and Zhao Yuxing resigned to the emperor together. The emperor gave Zhao Yuxing a great gift before they left. The emperor named Zhao Yuxing as his wish, and gave Zhao Yuxing the surname Aixinjueluo. After Yue Zonglin and Zhao Yuxing thanked him for their gratitude, they led them together. When he set about leaving, the emperor watched him go happily together.

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