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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 24 Recap

The Mu Yuanyuan judged the emperor’s pulse as usual. After the pulse was diagnosed, it was not too early for Director Li to ask Mu Yuanyuan to go back soon. When the Muyuan judge was about to leave again, he hesitated or gave Hong’er the emperor’s note. It was given to the emperor, and Longyan Dayue immediately rushed to Suyu Palace after the emperor saw it. In Suyu Palace, Qiu Qi was about to wash and go to bed. Seeing the emperor rushing to Suyu Palace, the emperor arrived at Suyu Palace for a while. Wang Yiwei also came to Suyu Palace. The emperor asked him to close the door, and Wang Yiwei came outside and asked Qiu Qi to hold the door.

Open, Qiu Qi panicked as soon as he heard Wang Yiwei’s voice, subconsciously wanted to open the door but was held back by the emperor. Wang Yiwei still outside the door said Qiu Qi asked him to come, he knew Qiu Qi was the emperor. Not happy around, there are many women around the emperor who can’t give her the happiness she wants. This time he came to take Qiuqi away and fly high. Qiuqi heard Wang Yiwei say this and looked at the emperor’s hateful eyes looking at him. Scared. Wang Yiwei kept knocking at the door and Qiuqi could not open it, so Wang Yiwei pushed the door open.

As soon as the door opened, Wang Yiwei saw the emperor and Qiuqi inside. Wang Yiwei was so frightened that he immediately knelt down. The emperor was very angry and said that the two of them were in the harem yesterday after the mutiny of Zheli. They were even worse than Zheli. The emperor held Qiuqi’s face and said that Qiuqi had lost him. Qiu Qi told the emperor that he called Wang Yiwei tonight. Wang Yiwei tried to belittle him several times after humiliating him. Today he called Wang Yiwei just to be a judge of the innocence between him and Wang Yiwei. Wang Yiwei also admitted that it was him to Qiuqi. Wishful thinking, at this time Hong’er also came to Suyu Palace to give Qiuqi a testimony. The emperor said that he had wronged Qiuqi and asked Wang Yiwei to be taken into the jail.

Zhao Yuxing came to Suyu Palace to look for Qiuqi, and asked Qiuqi why he did it to Wang Yiwei. No matter how he didn’t have a family relationship with Wang Yiwei, he also had friendship. The past true Qiuqi and now Wang Yiwei, do you know what you are doing now, you are still the same Which color phoenix, Qiu Qi told Zhao Yuxing that she would still do it if she chose one time, and also told Zhao Yuxing that the fate of the two of them was destined to be different since they entered the palace gate. Since they have both separated Then, let’s settle down .

Zhao Yuxing told Qiu Qi that she and Yue Zonglin had left after they got married on the eighth day of this month. As soon as they went out, they saw Hong’er coming to Qiu Qi. Zhao Yuxing made it difficult for Hong’er to beat Qiu Qi. Hong’er brought ginseng soup to Qiuqi. Yue Zonglin told the emperor that he and Zhao Yuxing were married in the eighth year of marriage. Yue Zonglin asked the emperor to mention Wang Yiwei, but the emperor still wanted to kill Wang Yiwei. The emperor gave Yue Zonglin a yellow mantle and asked Zhao Yuxing to get married.

The court of Mu went to see Concubine Shu and asked Concubine Shu to speak for him in front of the emperor, but was rejected by Concubine Shu. The court sentenced him to use wine to dissolve his sorrow. After being drunk, he wiped out the Yue family. The matter was told to Yan Huanyue. In the evening, Yue Zonglin came to Zhao Yuxing after his night tour. Zhao Yuxing told Yue Zonglin that it was too late and was going to bed. Something was going to happen tomorrow.

As a result, Yue Zonglin broke into Zhao Yuxing’s room and thumped Zhao Yuxing on the table. What he did not expect was another friend in Zhao Yuxing’s room. , Yue Zonglin was very embarrassed. Zhao Yuxing was in the trial marriage room, but Yan Huanyue went directly to Zhao Yuxing’s room and told Zhao Yuxing about the Yue family’s destruction of the Zhao family. Zhao Yuxing broke the teacup on his hand and broke his hand and ran to find it. The Liu Yuan found that what Yan Huanyue said was true, and after walking in the palace for a long time, he met Yue Zonglin.

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