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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 23 Recap

Zhao Yuxing was heartbroken when he heard what Qiu Qi said, and left Suyu Palace alone. In front of Zheli, the emperor personally ordered the deputy commander of the Forbidden Army to check the Yue family. After Yan Huanyue knew that the Yue family had been sealed up, she hurriedly went to the Mu Yuan court and asked the Mu Yuan court to judge the Yue family. He also asked the Mu court judge to beg for the concubine Shu . The court judgement told Yan Huanyue that the thing about the Yue family was Shu Fei. The elder brother General Zheli reported it. The Liu Yuan judged that Zhao Yuxing would be sad when he found the Yue family’s seizure, and had been comforting Zhao Yuxing by his side. As a result, Zhao Yuxing knew in advance the plans of the emperor and Yue Zonglin at this time.

Zheli said in the early morning that there are many riots, which is a warning from the heavens. He also asked the emperor to abdicate to the virtuous in accordance with God’s will. This is because a few guards have already surrounded the entrance of the hall and told the emperor to be here. Half of the people above the court were his, and the entire capital was under his control. Just when Zheli thought he was about to succeed, Yue Zonglin and Yue Xingbang took the Han banner to take all the people in Zheli. After taking control, Zheli realized that the emperor had played a good game for him to invite you to enter the urn. Concubine Shu looked at Hong’er absent-mindedly, and felt that something was wrong with Hong’er. Concubine Shu asked about Hong’er and now Zhe Where was Li, Hong’er was concealed and could not say clearly. Concubine Shu guessed that Zheli was going to mutiny, and hurried to the hall with Hong’er, and saw Zheli surrounded by the Han flag.

Shu The concubine tells Zheli that he is the emperor of the Qing Dynasty. You can’t kill him. Why is he so stupid? At this time, the emperor suggested to Zheli that since Zheli wanted to get this jiangshan, if Zheli could beat him, his jiangshan would do it for Zheli, but In the end Zheli still lost. Hong’er was telling Zheli not to beg for mercy. At this moment, Yue Zonglin was about to take Hong’er on the charge of Hong’er’s fornication, but Zheli scolded Hong’er loudly in the hall. The slut also said that before let Hong’er pass the news to him, Hong’er would not do anything, and said that he would never forget him when he died, so Hong’er and Concubine Shu watched Zheli die in front of them with their own eyes, and the emperor read in Zhe.

Li was buried in Zheli for the sake of Concubine Shu’s own brother. Concubine Shu told the emperor that she would make atonement for Zheli and set up a Buddhist hall in Yanqing Palace to pray. Hong’er wants Concubine Shu to avenge Zheli, but Concubine Shu no longer wants to think about these things and just wants to make atonement for Zheli. In the evening, Hong’er came to Yuhuayuan by herself and met a member of the Chahar tribe. It turned out that Hong’er was a spy of the Chahar tribe who was lurking next to Zheli. Now her mission I finished and asked her to go back, but Hong’er had fallen in love with Zheli, and was unwilling to go back and wanted to continue to avenge Zheli in the palace.

Yue Zonglin and Zhao Zhao Yuxing were walking in the palace together. Yue Zonglin told Zhao Yuxing that he wanted to marry her, but Zhao Yuxing thought it was too early, so Yue Zonglin pressed Zhao Yuxing on the wall and kissed Zhao Yuxing. The dragon and earth tiger looked around and felt Very sorry. Wang Yiwei is going to leave, but he feels that Qiu Qi is unhappy in the palace and wants to take Qiu Qi away and ask Yue Zonglin and Zhao Yuxing to help. Zhao Yuxing doesn’t want to help Wang Yiwei and feels that Wang Yiwei and Qiuqi should not be together.

Tell Wang Yiwei that Qiuqi is married and that the emperor who is still married is the emperor’s concubine, he can’t take Qiuqi to elope. Hong’er asked Wang Yiwei to send a note to Wang Yiwei to tell Wang Yiwei that he could help him see Qiuqi. Hong’er also went to the Mu Yuanyuan judge and asked Muyuan judge to treat the emperor today because he told the emperor Wang Yiwei that the concubine Mei would meet with conclusive evidence.

Yue Zonglin told his father that he was going to marry Zhao Yuxing. His father did not agree. At this time, Zhao Yuxing came to the Yue family and said that he had come to propose marriage. Zhao Yuxing knelt down in front of the gate in order to get Yue Xingbang to agree with him. Yue Zonglin watched. Wherever Zhao Yuxing was kneeling alone, he also went to kneel with Zhao Yuxing. Later, the dragon and earth tiger also went. All the people of the Yue family knelt together and it rained. Finally, Yue Zonglin and Zhao Yuxing were moved by their sincerity. Yue Xingbang agreed to their marriage.

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