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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 22 Recap

Liu Yuanju told Zhao Yuxing about his and Zhao Yuxing’s past. He and Zhao Mingkai were both imperial physicians. One day, Zhao Mingkai discovered a concubine’s strange consultation record and collected it. Later, the hospital destroyed some useless editors. The record, by the way, I destroyed his father’s handwriting along with me, but her father tore off the most concealed pages. Later, the Zhao family came out to kill the murderous case. Now no one knows where those pages are. Up.

The emperor and Yue Zonglin discussed the Hailangshan rebellion together. Yue Zonglin thought that this rebellion was not that simple, and his father happened to be near Hailangshan. Once Hailangshan really rebelled, his father could not not send troops. The emperor told Yue Zonglin that Zheli wrote a good game of chess. He had warned Zheli before, but he did so. Yue Zonglin told the emperor that all this was just her speculation, but the emperor believed Yue Zonglin. , The emperor felt that as soon as he wanted Zheli to take a shot, he would have to wipe out Zheli. Yue Zonglin was afraid that the emperor was in danger and did not want the emperor to participate in person, but the emperor decided to invite the emperor to enter the urn himself. In a crisis, Yue Zonglin and Yue Xingbang can mobilize all Han Qi troops in Liaodong.

Zhao Yuxing delivered medicine to Concubine Shu . Concubine Shu thanked Zhao Yuxing for saving her in the hall. Zhao Yuxing added some tonics to the medicated diet that Concubine Shu sent. Hong’er felt that Zhao Yuxing wanted to poison Concubine Shu and did not want Concubine Shu to drink. I believe Zhao Yuxing will not cause her to pick up and drink the medicated food by herself.

Yue Zonglin went to the prison to see Zhen Qiuqi and gave Zhen Qiuqi the fake death medicine. Zhao Yuxing and Yue Zonglin sat on the roof together to admire the moon. Yue Zonglin told Zhao Yuxing that he had given the fake death medicine to Zhen Qiuqi. The fake death medicine was found in the flowers of Suyu Palace. Qiuqi learned the news that Zhen Qiuqi had died in the jail, but she asked Lian’er how Zhen Qiuqi died. Knowing that Zhen Qiuqi committed suicide by poisoning, Lian’er also told Qiuqi to Suyu Palace yesterday.

Some guards have come to look for something in the garden, Qiu Qi is very safe, but her own safety. Qiuqi sent someone to write a note to Concubine Shu’s breakfast, telling Concubine Shu that Zhen Qiuqi was a fake death, and Concubine Shu guessed that someone wanted to kill someone with a knife. Hong’er wanted Concubine Shu to kill Zhao Yuxing and asked about the matter five years ago, but Concubine Shu still remembered Zhao Yuxing’s rescue of her in the hall and decided to let Zhao Yuxing live.

Yue Zonglin learned that the masked man who had appeared several times had entered Zheli Mansion. Yue Zonglin waited for the masked man outside Zheli Mansion. After Yue Zonglin and the masked man had a few moves, the masked man was lost. Yue Zonglin took the opportunity to uncover her mask and found that the masked man was Hong’er. Yue Zonglin told Zhao Yuxing about the incident, and also told Zhao Yuxing that the relationship between Hong’er and Zheli was not generally a special relationship. Yue Zonglin asked Zhao Yuxing to be careful of Hong’er. Zhao Yuxing and Yue Zonglin were afraid that Ye Changmeng would want to treat Zhen Qiuqi first. The couple sent away.

As soon as Zhao Yuxing was sending Zhen Qiuqi and his wife away, Hong’er took someone to arrest Zhen Qiuqi and his wife, but was still stopped by Zhao Yuxing and Tianlongdihu. The emperor and Yue Zonglin deliberately acted in a play in front of Zheli. The emperor pretended to cure the Yue family’s crimes, but in fact let the two of Yue Zonglin and his son secretly gather soldiers and horses to invite the monarch to enter the urn.

Zhao Yuxing knew everything and went to Qiu Qi. Qiu Qi also admitted to throwing fake death pills to tell Shu Fei that Zhen Qiuqi was still alive. She just didn’t want Zhen Qiuqi to be alive because as long as Zhen Qiuqi was alive One day, she would be worried about her life. She also said that Zhao Yuxing did all this to help Zhen Qiuqi get rid of her crime and not for her, and asked if Zhao Yuxing really regarded her as a sister.

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