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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 21 Recap

Zhao Yuxing asked Qiu Qi to eat well, don’t worry, Yue Zonglin has his own arrangements. Zhen Qiuqi learned the news that Fu Chaxiong had been left in the mouth of the palace lady who brought her food, and sighed that Concubine Shu ‘s opponent was not weak. Zheli wanted those masked people to be used by him so that his subordinates would not need to search the whereabouts of those people and report them directly to the Gyeonggi Admiral’s Office.

In Qingning Palace, the emperor and Yue Zonglin were playing chess. Concubine Shu accompanied him. The emperor remembered that Concubine Shu and Sister Yue Zonglin accompanied him to play chess in the desert. When Yue Zonglin was asked to go to the barracks to bring him to the army, Concubine Shu took the opportunity to mention Zheli and said that Zheli should find someone to start a family when he was old. She also said in a joking tone that Zheli told her the other day. It’s an interesting fact that Zheli met a girl in the hospital a few days ago, who even claimed to be the daughter of Niu Hulu’s family, Zheli was curious and asked people to check it. I didn’t expect that the girl was really a village.

Master Sang’s biological daughter, the emperor felt incredible at this time. He remembered that he heard the queen mention that Master Zhai Sang had only one daughter, and Concubine Shu was still fanning the flames. The emperor asked Yue Zonglin’s opinion, and Yue Zonglin said to solve this. The best way to do this is to face confrontation. At this time, the emperor asked General Li to pass on Princess Mei, and Zhai Sang saw him together. Concubine Shu also asked the emperor to tell Zhao Yuxing along with him and said that he heard that Princess Mei and Zhao Yuxing grew up together. The emperor passed Zhao Yuxing over.

Zhao Yuxing gave Qiu Qi the fake death medicine and told Qiu Qi that this fake death medicine can guarantee that the true Qiuqi and his wife will retreat. Let Qiuqi help out in the hall for a while and persuade the emperor not to use Zhan Xing, it is best to use poisoned wine. In this way they can steal the beam and change the post, but Qiuqi is afraid that as long as Zhen Qiuqi is alive, Concubine Shu will surely find clues about their lives.

But Zhao Yuxing didn’t care too much about this and told Qiuqi that Zhen Qiuqi had helped. They, she can’t save her life, she will talk about what happens then. At this time, Father Miao came to Qiuqi Palace and passed Qiu Qi and Zhao Yuxing to Qingning Palace. The emperor outside the palace also sent someone to pick up Lord Zhaisang into the palace. On the carriage, someone shot an arrow at Zhaisang. When they arrived in the carriage, there was a letter on the arrow, which was written by Fu Chaxiong and asked Master Zhaisang to keep the concubine Mei in the hall for a while. She and Qi’er had no choice but to escape.

In the hall, Zhen Qiuqi was taken to the hall, but she deliberately pretended to be a fool. At this time, Qiuqi and Zhao Yuxing also came to the hall. Concubine Shu asked why Niu Hulu’s daughter would grow up with Zhao Yuxing Like a sister, Zhao Yuxing told Concubine Shu that she traveled around the world with her master to practice medicine since she was a child. She met Qiuqi at Ci’en Temple when she was twelve years old. It was Qiuqi who was frail and sick. His master asked Qiuqi for diagnosis and treatment. She said that she had lost her mother since she was a child and was frail and sick.

So she grew up in Ci’en Temple and became an adult. Fortunately, when she was twelve years old, she met Uncle Zhao’s at Ci’en Temple. It was Zhao’s uncle who cured her. Asked about everything, the daughter of their Manchu family would engrave her clan emblem on the jewelry she wore, but she had never seen Qiu Qi wearing it. Qiu Qi told the emperor that the golden hairpin is now in Suyu Palace. Send someone to Suyu Palace to fetch the golden hairpin. At this time, Zhaisang also came.

As soon as Zhaisang came, she looked at that Zhen Qiuqi and asked Zhen Qiuqi why she had to impost her to replace her daughter. This is the golden hairpin. Coming to confirm the identity of Concubine Mei, Zhen Qiuqi still identified Concubine Shu in the hall, saying that she had arrested her husband and forced her to do it. Concubine Shu was fainted with anger. Fortunately, Zhao Yuxing treated Concubine Shu in time. Nothing serious. The emperor immediately sent Zhen Qiuqi to the jail.

Yue Zonglin and Zhao Yuxing discussed together how to get Zhen Qiuqi to take the fake death pill. The two moved separately. Zhao Yuxing went to prepare the fake death pill, and Yue Zonglin went to the Tianjao to take a look. Qiuqi was holding the fake death medicine, always thinking that as long as Zhen Qiuqi was alive for a day, her life experience might be exposed, so Zhen Qiuqi could not live. Qiuqi wanted to put the fake death medicine in the vase, but after thinking about it, Zhao Yuxing His nose was so good that he would smell it, so he threw the fake death medicine into the flowers of Suyu Palace. Zhao Yuxing came to Suyu Palace to look for Qiu Qi. As soon as Zhao Yuxing came, Qiu Qi pretended to be innocent and told Zhao Yuxing that the small porcelain bottle she gave her had been lost by her, and she looked innocent.

Zheli told the emperor what kind of rebels the masked men were, but the emperor felt that all this was designed by Zheli. The emperor asked Yue Zonglin to help him find out the details of the masked people. As soon as Yue Zonglin left, Qiu Qi came to Qingning Palace to look for the emperor, and told the emperor that Zhen Qiuqi was a demon who framed her and framed her concubine Shu and asked the emperor to execute the demon. The emperor agreed.

Yue Zonglin came to Zhao Yuxing. Zhao Yuxing told Yue Zonglin Qiuqi to get rid of the fake death medicine, and now she had to refill it, and it would take at least two days and nights to mix the fake death medicine. Yue Zonglin said he would let the guards stay in the palace. I looked everywhere. Yue Xingbang received the news from Zhe Li that he could transfer troops. Qiuqi came to the jail and asked Zhen Qiuqi to tell Zhen Qiuqi that this matter would always be borne by someone. She also said that she would take good care of Lord Zhaisang. Yue Zonglin waited until Zhen Qiuqi hit the wall in the prison to commit suicide. Fortunately, their people found out that they had been rescued. Yue Zonglin asked the earth tiger who Zhen Qiuqi had met before she committed suicide and found out that Zhen Qiuqi had met Concubine Mei.

Mu Yuan judge and Liu Yuan judge where to argue about what medicine to give to Concubine Shu. Mu Yuan judge knew that Concubine Shu was in a bad mood and asked Zhao Yuxing to deliver medicine to Concubine Shu. Liu Yuan judge did not want Zhao Yuxing to go, Zhao Yuxing asked Liu Yuan judge if she knew her real life experience, Liu Yuan judge told her.

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