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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 20 Recap

Yue Zonglin sneaked into the dungeon of Zheli’s house and saw the real Qiuqi and Fu Chaxiong, and also knew that the real Qiuqi was threatened by Zheli to expose Qiuqi. At this time, a guard came to tell the real Qiuqi. Qi, tomorrow Zhe Li will take her to a place for her to cooperate and leave Fu Chaxiong in the dungeon, so as to blackmail the real Qiu Qi, Qiu Qi agreed for Fu Chaxiong.

Zhao Yuxing came to Qiu Qi’s palace and told Qiu Qi that her identity had been discovered. Qiu Qi panicked when she heard it. Qiu Qi said that if the emperor knew it would be a crime of bullying the emperor , Zhao Yuxing told Qiu Qi not to panic about Yue Zong Lin would also help them, and told Qiu Qi that she and Yue Zonglin felt that brother and sister Zheli wanted to make Qiu Qi enter the palace and confront Qiu Qi, so Qiu Qi must stay in her heart and tell herself that you are Don’t let the real Qiuqi get out of his feet. At this time, Yue Zonglin came back to play in Qiuqi’s palace.

Yue Zonglin told Zhao Yuxing and Qiu Qi that the real Qiuqi is now Fu Chaxiong’s wife. Zhao Yuxing and Yue Zonglin discussed that Zhao Yuxing would go to the martial arts room to cut off the real Qiu Qi. Yue Zonglin told Zhao Yuxing not to conflict with them. If you don’t want Yue Zonglin to have a back Trick, go and intercept Fu Chaxiong first, so that the real Qiu Qi will not be controlled by Zheli. Qiu Qi was very touched when Zhao Yuxing and Yue Zonglin were so careful about her affairs. Zhao Yuxing told her to be polite, then It’s her brother-in-law.

Zhao Yuxing came to Yan Huanyue’s room and used drugs to make Yan Huanyue stunned, and then found Hong’er in Yan Huanyue’s bed to give Yan Huanyue a token to pick up Zhen Qiuqi tomorrow, and feared that Yan Huanyue would be caught When people found out, they put Yan Huanyue on the table. The next day, Zhao Yuxing put on Yan Huanyue’s clothes and walked halfway to meet Liu Yuan judge. Liu Yuan judge wanted to stop Zhao Yuxing, but Zhao Yuxing ran away. Yan Huanyue woke up and found that the token was gone. Zhao Yuxing came to the palace. Zhen Qiuqi was received at the door and told Zhen Qiuqi that he was here to rescue her. At this time, Ma Futa came quickly and asked the guards to stop Zhao Yuxing.

Zhen Qiuqi asked Zhao Yuxing to go first when she saw that she couldn’t go. The hairpin engraved with Niu Hulu’s family emblem was given to Zhao Yuxing. Ma Futa went to kill Zhao Yuxing first. Fortunately, Yue Zonglin appeared in time and beat Ma Futa to save Zhao Yuxing. Yan Huanyue came to the gate of the palace and told Ma Fu The tower token was stolen. At this time, Zheli received the fact that Zhen Qiuqi had entered the palace, and also knew that Zhen Qiuqi was almost intercepted and run away. Zheli felt that Zhen Qiuqi would not ignore Fu Chaxiong and ignore it.

Yue Zonglin sent the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger to stare outside Zheli’s Mansion. Zhao Yuxing and Yue Zonglin were drinking tea together. Yue Zonglin wanted to tell Zhao Yuxing about Zhao Yuxing’s father and their Yue family, but in the end he still didn’t have the courage to tell Zhao Yuxing, Yue Zong Lin was afraid that Zhao Yuxing would be discovered, so he let Zhao Yuxing stay in Yue Mansion first.

Yan Huanyue took Zhen Qiuqi to the Shufei Palace. When Yan Huanyue saw Concubine Shu, she knelt down and admitted that she almost lost someone, damn it. Hong’er told Yan Huanyue to go down first. There will only be tomorrow. For her reward, Concubine Shu asked Zhen Qiuqi to tell her true identity, and promised that if Zhen Qiuqi tells her true identity, she would hold the lives of her husband and father, Zhen Qiuqi agreed.

At this time, Qiu Qi was anxious and didn’t know what to do, Zhao Yuxing came to Qiu Qi Palace and gave Qiu Qi the hairpin that Qiuqi really gave him, so that Qiu Qi must stabilize her identity with this hairpin. Yue Zonglin and Tianlong Earthhu were discussing about receiving Fu Chaxiong. Yue Zonglin took Tianlong Earthhu and the people from Longhutang to Zheli Mansion and rescued Fu Chaxiong after a fight. Zheli felt that the power of interception was not easy, so she immediately notified Concubine Shu and asked her to reveal Qiu Qi to the emperor tonight.

Yue Zonglin rescued Fu Chaxiong and asked the doctor to diagnose and treat Fu Chaxiong, but Fu Chaxiong’s illness was very serious and difficult. Yue Zonglin told Fu Chaxiong about Qiuqi, and Fu Chaxiong blamed himself very much. Concubine Shu got the affairs of Zheli Mansion and felt it was not easy. Zhen Qiuqi didn’t want to cause Fu Chaxiong, Qiuqi and Niu Hulu’s family to commit suicide. Yue Zonglin told Fu Chaxiong that he would rescue Qiu Qi, and Fu Chaxiong promised to live their lives incognito with Zhen Qiuqi in the future.

Mu Yuan ruled that Yan Huanyue should not do the right thing with Zhao Yuxing, and told Yan Huanyue that Zhao Yuxing was not easy, and that he would leave it to him to deal with Zhao Yuxing. Yue Zonglin and Zhao Yuxing were discussing the rescue of Zhen Qiuqi and Fu Chaxiong. Zhao Yuxing told Yue Zonglin that he did not have to be alive. If the emperor had to grant them a capital crime, Yue Zonglin would keep the corpses of Qiuqi and Fu Chaxiong. As long as Zhao Yuxing saves the corpse, there is a way to go with them.

Yue Zonglin and the emperor discussed state affairs again, Zhao Yuxing came to Qiuqi Palace to persuade Qiu Qi to eat, and also told Qiu Qi what Fu Chaxiong had rescued, Qiu Qi was very happy.

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