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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 36 Recap

Nezha was puzzled and couldn’t sleep. The same was true for the little dragon girl. I don’t know why the magic power of Nezha increased greatly after seeing Nezha, and she cooperated with him tacitly. The two sighed, turned around and saw each other, and after being shocked, they quarreled again.

The Yaozu great emperor was about to leave the customs, and Snake Ji saw that the altar had no progress, and immediately ordered the ugly prime minister to continue to squeeze the shrimp soldiers and crabs, and announced on the spot that he would add two more working hours. Everyone was already physically and mentally exhausted, and now they are full of grievances. They miss the past and hope that the little dragon girl can overthrow the snake girl and save the dragon clan.

The fire dragon messenger and Yu Ji guard the empty island day and night, and the turtle clan can’t replenish the materials they need, and even the granary has little left. Mo Ang felt guilty and the task of training troops to collect food was imminent. The first task was to avoid people’s eyes and ears and transport food in secret. The Ugly Prime Minister was ordered to rush to the empty island to convey the Snake Ji’s instructions, and bring divine algae skins, so that he could keep the action at any time. The fire dragon thought of dressing up as a tortoise man and sinking into the empty island. The ugly prime minister thought this plan was feasible, so he concealed the evil spirit for the two.

Since Da Linger woke up, Li Chufei has taken care of her, and her body has gradually recovered, and her mental state is much better than before. Li Chufei found that Ling’er could not speak, so he hurriedly invited a doctor for diagnosis and treatment, but the doctor was helpless, until Ling’er was scalded by the decoction, he knew that Ling’er was not dumb. Hearing that Ling’er could speak human language, Li Chufei was both happy and nervous. He couldn’t help but inquire about the situation of Shenyi Mountain. He even took out the sheepskin scroll to introduce her to the spirit beasts, hoping she could help weave the suolin cloth.

Ling’er was worried about Nezha’s safety, but under the influence of Ling Shui, the longer she was in contact with Li Chufei, the more she became obsessed with him. Although she knew that she did not understand Suolin cloth, she still kept the matter secret, and lied that she needed three special flavors Medicinal herbs.

In order to make Ling’er happy, Li Chufei prepared a table of delicious dishes for her. Ling’er was hungry, but she was worried that Li Chufei would not like her eating, so she could not take the chopsticks. Li Chufei mistakenly thought that Bai Ze liked prey, and immediately arranged for someone to deliver raw meat. Linger felt more entangled in this, and eventually defeated face and offered to eat cooked food. At first Ling’er was afraid that Li Chufei would bore herself later, until she saw that he solemnly promised to live up to this life, she was finally relieved. Li Chufei marveled at the effect of the spiritual water, Ling’er was also enjoying the meticulous care of the other party.

Bai Ze led the three younger sisters to practice weaving. Huo Liuli praised the beautiful color of the Suolin cloth, while Qing Luan believed that the Suolin cloth should not only be beautiful but also cut continuously and not loose. The little dragon girl used a spell to test the cloth, unexpectedly hitting the boulder. Bai Ze was afraid of hurting everyone, and immediately chased it to check. She was surprised to see the god fire girl subconsciously smash the boulder. Bai Ze summoned the god fire girl to the main hall, and realized that her potential was amazing, so he promoted her to the deputy leader of the strange army.

Li Chufei searched many places and finally bought three kinds of herbs, and then asked the slave to arrange the weaving hut. Ling’er was deeply touched and secretly made up his mind to weave the suolin cloth as soon as possible to repay Li Chufei. Just when Ling’er was studying textile machines, Li Chufei bought her a few pieces of jewelry again. Ling’er had never worn such exquisite ornaments before, and she was moved and added a touch of love.

Taking advantage of her sisters’ carelessness, Xiaolongnv sneaked into the room to give Nezha food, but Nezha not only didn’t appreciate it, she even blamed Xiaolongnv for keeping him in Shenyi Mountain. Xiaolongnu was too lazy to argue with him, and took the food straight away.

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