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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 35 Recap

Bai Ze discovered that Xiaolongnv was missing, and simply ordered everyone to look for it. It happened that Xiaolongnv took Nezha and hid beside the stone, and he didn’t care to explain, and quickly pleaded with Huo Liuli for help. Huo Liuli couldn’t stand the coquettish offensive of the little dragon girl, and for the time being to help her clear the miasma in Nezha’s body, who knows that when Nezha woke up, she heard that Ling’er had fallen into the hands of a strange man. She couldn’t help but feel annoyed. Decided to go out to find Ling’er.

Originally, the little dragon girl was punished because of Nezha’s involvement, but now seeing him knowing that she didn’t report her gratitude, she made accusations, she immediately became angry, and she directly sealed the door of her house and quarreled with him. Bai Ze came with Qingluan and Huo Liuli, and happened to hear the quarrel in the house. Huo Liuli was worried that the little dragon girl would be exposed, so she stood outside the door and called out loudly, deliberately reminding that little dragon girl was shocked and immediately pushed Nezha into the bed. Hide the bottom.

As soon as the three sisters were about to push the door, the soldiers suddenly came to report that there was an accident in the Divine Army. Qing Luan broke the seal of the door and rushed into the house. Xiaolongnu pretended to rest, but when she saw Huo Liuli winking, she lied that she wanted to figure out the character of the characters in the book, so she played the two corners of dialogue.

Qing Luan was suspicious, searched around to no avail, then went to the bottom of the bed to check. Unexpectedly, Nezha hiding under the bed was missing, and even the little dragon girl was taken aback. After everyone left, the little dragon girl ran under the bed to study, accidentally touched the mechanism at the bottom of the bed, and entered the secret room, and found that there was something special.

Ne Zha was trapped in the secret room organs, and in the critical moment, she used spells to resist. The little dragon girl came afterwards, and the two of them worked together to seal the organs. As a result, the organs did not decrease but increased. . Huo Liuli appeared in time to help the two get out, and explained the reason after returning to the room. Because only the leader would know about the secret room, he also told Xiaolongnu and Nezha to keep it secret.

Zhu Yangong avenged his personal revenge, which aroused dissatisfaction between Feng Xiaoge and Shenhuo Girl. The two sides insisted on arguing and quarreled endlessly. Fortunately, Bai Ze came to stop it when he was about to start. Bai Ze scolded Feng Xiaoge and Shenhuo Nv as subordinates for not accepting discipline, and then accused Zhu Fei of not being a leader. He punished the three people in public and gave them lessons.

Now Ling’er is sent to Li’s home to recuperate, and the doctor has been diagnosed and treated, and there is no serious problem. Seeing that she hadn’t woken up yet, Li Chufei hesitated in his heart until he thought about the past, so he decided to take out the spirit and drop it into Ling’er’s eyes, making her fall in love with herself. Back then, Li Chufei and his two elder brothers competed for family property and went to the forest to find golden silk cocoons in accordance with the ancestral rules. However, the eldest brother and the second brother had colluded in advance, and the two joined forces to snatch them.

Since then, Li Chufei escaped, not only unexpectedly harvested the universe, walked out of the chaotic forest, and even successfully inherited the family property, and obtained the ancestral spiritual water, knowing that the ancestors relied on the spiritual water to control the beasts, which made them fall in love with the human race and willingly weave Suo Lin cloth.

Linger woke up to find that Li Chufei was handsome and handsome, and his heartbeat was quickening. Especially seeing Li Chufei taking good care of her, she was extremely happy. She didn’t mind that the other party called the wrong name and was willing to become Bai Ze.

That night, Nezha tossed and turned, could not help but think of the secret room experience, wondering why he became familiar with the little dragon girl.

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