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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 34 Recap

The bully villagers came to the house to force the debt, and the little dragon girl wanted to pay back the money instead of Ling’er. However, her wallet was stolen and she had no money, so she had to report herself to her family and wanted the bully to sell her face. Who knows that the bully doesn’t believe what Xiaolongnv said, unless she sees that she can enter the Chaos Forest with her own eyes, she just wants to go back to get the money, so she takes everyone to the forest entrance, and gives the blue xun to Nezha, repeatedly telling how to use it. .

Bai Ze found that the Little Dragon Girl was not in Shenyi Mountain, and immediately sent people to look around until Zhu Wei brought the Little Dragon Girl back from the Chaos Forest, so he fell into a big stone. Little Dragon Girl was worried that she would be punished, and she quickly lied that she had lost her way in the forest by mistake. Bai Ze-nian made a mistake in Little Dragon Girl for the first time, and asked her to review all the lessons and learn all the spells, otherwise she would not be allowed to eat.

The Ugly Prime Minister was ordered to supervise the construction schedule, and added two hours a day to the original construction schedule. The strong men dared not say anything, and even had opinions on Ao Jie, thinking that he was weak and incompetent, so that the monsters would occupy the Dragon Palace. , Bullying the dragons. Afterwards, the ugly prime minister specially went to claim credit, deliberately concealing the fact that the young man was dissatisfied, expressing that the altar’s move was what the people wanted, and he held Snake Ji’s heart happy.

Nezha hasn’t waited until the little dragon girl appears, and can only follow the previous agreement, blew the blue xun summon, the bully guessed that the little dragon girl had encountered an accident, and decided to sell Ling’er to the brothel first. Seeing this, Nezha quickly pushed away the bully, and then pulled Ling’er to escape into the Chaos Forest. The two of them went around for a long time, but did not find an exit.

Because of the severe miasma in the chaotic forest, ordinary people can hardly bear it. Nezha saw Ling’er’s body gradually decline, and he simply stayed with her and refused to leave. He even said that he and Ling’er felt familiar when they first met, as if they had seen them in the previous life. .

Ling’er was deeply moved, and she also expressed her heartfelt feelings. She immediately reached out and touched Nezha’s face, wanting to keep in mind the appearance, even if she really encounters misfortune, she can find him in her next life. Nezha saw Ling’er’s affectionate gaze, and suddenly countless scattered pictures flashed in his mind, fleeting.

Little Dragon Girl practiced spells with Huo Liuli unintentionally, so she deliberately pretended to fall, and took the opportunity to ask Huo Liuli for help, hoping that she could help cover and let herself go down the mountain. Just as Bai Ze passed by and heard the conversation, she mistakenly thought that Xiaolongnu was nostalgic for the human race, and was immediately furious, and directly shut her into the room.

Now Xiaolongnv not only failed to get the money, but was also banned. She couldn’t open the door even after casting the spell many times, until Qingluan came to deliver the food. Xiaolongnv begged Qingluan to let her go out, but Qingluan refused to eat, she had no choice but to stun Qingluan, and then rushed to Chaos Forest. She accidentally found that Ling’er had fainted. Nezha begged her to save Ling’er before she became unconscious. .

At the same time, Li Chufei heard that Jiading had seen Bai Ze in the Chaos Forest, so he followed him to the forest to search for it. It happened that Xiaolongnv heard Li Chufei talking with her subordinates, thinking that he was very caring about Bai Ze, she simply injected white light into Ling’er body, led Li Chufei to come, mistakenly thought Ling’er was Bai Ze, and immediately hugged her back to Li’s care.

After Li Chufei left, the little dragon girl turned back to find Nezha, but the chaotic forest was not suitable for healing at the moment, so she had to hide Nezha from the soldiers’ patrol and sneak into the mysterious mountain. Qing Luan woke up to tell the truth, Huo Liuli was worried that Bai Ze was angry, and lied that the little dragon girl was not nostalgic for the human race, but wanted to explore Qiongqi’s strength so that she could be contained in the future.

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