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For Married Doctress 替嫁医女 Episode 15 – 16 Recap

Marrying a Woman Doctor Episode 15

Knowing that Liu Jing was beaten into Lenggong, Yan Anling was complacent, and went to the Queen Mother to file a complaint. Unexpectedly, she got angry on the emperor’s side. She wanted to spread all the anger on Liu Jing, making a noise in Lenggong, and wanted to make her eyes fall. Liu Jing was even more sad, but she didn’t expect to steal the chicken and lose the rice. Yan Anling arranged for Chang Degui to injure Liu Jing’s master and servant. Chang and the others also deliberately made things difficult for Liu Jing and Yueyaer , giving them rotten food, and bullying them everywhere.

Yu Wenzhao learned from his eunuch that Liu Jing was imprisoned in Lenggong and was bullied by many people in turn, so he ran to Lenggong aggressively to vent her anger for Liu Jing, cleverly using his noble status to punish bad-hearted villains such as Chang Degui. This made Liu Jing cried out in her heart. Finally, the bad breath held in my heart came out.

Marrying a Doctor Woman Episode 16

Yuwenyong missed Liu Jing and came to visit Lenggong, but accidentally met Zhao and Jing who had a good conversation, and Yuwenyong was jealous and waved away. Yuwen Zhao to come before pleading for Liu Jing Yuwen Yong explained the truth, against being Yuwen Yong-limits.

At night, Rongniang made her own way to vent her anger for her master, and gave Liu Jing a dose of Duochangsan while she was asleep. Yan Anling didn’t really want to poison Liu Jing. She didn’t know about Liu Jing’s poisoning. Yan Anling who went to the cold palace again wanted to make Liu Jing embarrassed. Yan Anling didn’t realize that Liu Jing was unwell, and forced Liu Jing to dance. Liu Jing wanted to refuse. At this time, Yu Wenyong, who was blinded by jealousy, rushed to him, but did not find Liu Jing strange, and followed Yan Anling to ask Liu Jing to dance. Liu Jing was frustrated, and finally Liu Jing, who was exhausted, fell to the ground poisonously.

Yu Wenyong only discovered that Liu Jing’s pale face was poisoned. Yuwen Yong investigates the real culprit, Rongniang confessed to the crime and was executed, and Yan’an Ling was improperly restrained.

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