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For Married Doctress 替嫁医女 Episode 14 Recap

Wu Da is dying of life, and many doctors have been hired to no avail. His injuries are even getting worse. The rescue of Wu Da should not be made loudly. Knowing that Liu Jing usually studies medicine, Yu Wenyong decided to let Liu Jing try. Liu Jing followed Yu Wenyong to Wu Da’s residence, and after prescribing Wu Da’s pulse, she went to Landong Medical Center under the pretext of buying Crescent Moon rouge. I ran into Du Gucheng , who had just left the hospital outside the hospital . This scene happened to be discovered and misunderstood.

In fact, Liu Jing looked for Lan Dong to find a prescription for treating Yuwenyong’s strange disease. The two analyzed the characteristics of Yuwenyong’s condition and found that Yuwenyong was infected with an unknown strange poison. On the other hand, Tang Wan and Yu Wenyong reported that they had seen Liu Jing and Dugujin meeting before. It happened that Wu Da died and all suspenseful spearheads were directed at Liu Jing. After returning to the palace, Yu Wenyong, who was already suspicious of Liu Jing’s deeds, approached Master Liu Jingxing to question her guilt. Liu Jing aggrieved and resisted, and Yu Wenyong was angry and beat Liu Jing into the cold palace.

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