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For Married Doctress 替嫁医女 Episode 13 Recap

Dugucheng hides Tang Wan privately , and is deeply attached to Tang Wan. The second prince Chen Guohad a secret conversationwith Liu Jing in the palace. Unexpectedly, Yu Wenyong arrived at this time in the name of concern about Liu Jing. I don’t want Yu Wenyong because he is afraid that Liu Jing will leave Zhou. Liu Jing also admitted frankly that she really thought about leaving Zhou. But in order to cure Yuwenyong’s disease, Yuwenyong was touched, and for the first real night in Yilan Palace, the relationship between Liu Jing and Yuwenyong also quickly warmed up, and they loved each other more deeply.

The next day the two princes of Chen Guo left, Liu Jing saw them off and asked the two brothers to bring greetings to their fathers and mothers. Dugucheng invited Lan Dong to treat Tang Wan. Liu Jing happened to come to Lan Dong and met Dugu Cheng. Lonely Cheng stepped up control of Tang Wan, and gave the jade bracelet to Tang Wan domineeringly, telling Tang Wan that if she dared to take off the bracelet, she would chop off her hand.

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