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Su Yu 萦萦夙语亦难求 Episode 9 Recap

When Qian Yu woke up in a daze, she found that Shen Mingxiu took her back to Youyou Valley. Shen Mingxiu gave her the Heart Sutra of Yongying, so that she could practice according to it, and rejuvenate the public transport family in the future. Aunt Hua sent Qian Yu for a change. For clothes, Shen Mingxiu asked her to notify the big proprietors to go to the conference hall for a meeting, and Erlong followed Qianyu to Youyou Valley.

The workshop owners arrived on time. They knew that Shen Mingxiu had always restrained herself and had never approached female sex. Today, he returned with a thousand words to recuperate. There was a lot of discussion. The embroidery workshop owner Hua Hengdie then came to the meeting. She thinks she is the most beautiful woman in Yoyo Valley. She has a special liking for Shen Mingxiu and disdains Qianyu’s arrival. Shen Mingxiu brought Qianyu to the chamber and let Qianyu sit in the main seat. The temperament is full of praise, only Hua Hendie is indignant.

Shen Mingxiu publicly announced that Qianyu will be the master of Youyou Valley from now on, and the Shen family has guarded the public loss family for generations. Qianyu is the only public language for descendants of the public loss family. He wants to return Youyougu to Zhao. I hope all the owners will help Qianyu and revive Youyougu, everyone salutes Qianyu together, but Hua Hendie refuses to surrender to her. Afterwards, Hua hated the butterfly to force Shen Mingxiu to marry her, and Shen Mingxiu made all kinds of excuses to shirk.

Qianyu suddenly became the Lord of the Valley whom everyone admired and worshipped. She possessed the supreme rights and all the wealth, and her heart was full of joy. Qianyu felt that she was exuberant, and she no longer had to be admired by Juechen, her heart could not be said to be happy. Mu Juechen took Qian Yun Sanjue to Youyou Valley to save Qian Yu, the owner of Mu Jue was furious upon hearing the news, and sent Mu Juece to recover the Heart Sutra of Yongying. Mu Juice wanted to fight back in a Jedi and won the Qianyun Villa in one fell swoop. He sent people to gather the members of the Meteor Club.

Mu Juechen brought Qian Yun Sanjue to Youyou Valley. With his super self-confidence, he successfully passed the levels. The Sifang Guiliu Formation at the last level did not hide, and unfortunately fell into the bottomless river. Almost washed away by the river, Mu Juechen unknowingly drifted to the site of Hua Hengdie. When Hua Hengdie came, she pretended to be Qianyu and confused Mu Juechen. She seduce Mu Juechen in every possible way, but Mu Juechen was scared to avoid it.

Shen Mingxiu held a moon praying ceremony for Qian Yu, and asked Qian Yu to practice the Heart Sutra well. At this moment, Qianyun Sanjue came to see Qianyu. Qianyu and Erlong were covered with gold and silver jewelry. Their jewels appeared in front of everyone. Qianyu told everyone about his life experience, Qianxiao and Qianran in detail. Desperately please her. Mu Juechen looked at the coquettish woman in front of him, guessing that she was not Qianyu, and wanted to catch her. He tied her up and forced her to tell the whereabouts of Qianyu. Hua Hengdie didn’t say a word, Hua Hengdie The maid knocked Mu Juechen stunned from behind, and he was imprisoned in a dungeon, where a man in ragged clothes was also confined.

Qianyu struggled to keep Qianyun Sanjue in Yoyo Valley and promised them gold and silver treasures and supreme rights. They naturally couldn’t ask for it. Qianyu learned their intentions and learned that Mu Juechen was rushed to the flower by the Quartet Returning Formation. In the site of Hate Die, everyone knows that Hua Hate Die is an nympho. Qian Yu wants to meet Hua Hate Die for a while. Aunt Hua resolutely disagrees. Mu Juechen has abused Qian Yu for so many years. It is suspected that Mu Juechen stole the chant. The people of the Yingxin Sutra, Qian Zhan tried his best to defend Mu Juechen, Qian Xiao and Qian Ran begged Qian Yu to help them, Qian Yu ignored Aunt Hua’s block and insisted on saving people, Aunt Hua revealed that Hua hates butterflies and admires vanity, as long as Overwhelming her in dress and formation, you can find opportunities to go in and save people.

Mu Juechen asked that the ragged man called Ruqing. He shaved off his beard and cut his hair short. He still looked ugly. Ruthless knew that his appearance was not as good as he wanted. He boasted of high martial arts skills, and the two of them discussed fleeing here. The strategy of going out. At this moment, Hua Hendie brought people to the dungeon. Mu Juechen took the opportunity to pretend to faint. Hua Hendie was very disappointed, so she had to take people away first and sent her maid to stay here. Once Mu Juechen woke up, she would report to her immediately. . Ruthlessly, taking advantage of her unpreparedness to stun the maid, Mu Juechen glued the ruthlessly cut beard and took the opportunity to slip away.

Qian Yu carefully selected a white fox fur coat and brought Aunt Hua and Qian Yun Sanjue to the embroidery workshop of Hua Hengdie. Hua Hengdie also wore a white fur coat, and Aunt Hua showed off Qian Yu coat. Hua Hengdie was ashamed of herself, Qian Yu asked to visit her embroidery workshop, Hua Hengdie had to accompany him, Qian Yu took off her coat, and deliberately stood under the sun watching the embroidered lady washing clothes, Hua Hengdie clutched her coat Refusing to take it off, she was quickly fainted by the heat. The maids hurriedly carried her down. Mu Juechen hid aside and saw Qianyu, so he secretly tapped Qianyu’s acupuncture points, and took the opportunity to stick his beard on her chin. Qian’s tone was gnashing his teeth, but he couldn’t move. At this time, Qian Zhan and Qian Xiao were investigating around the Embroidery Workshop and finally found a secret room.

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