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Su Yu 萦萦夙语亦难求 Episode 8 Recap

Qianyu saw Mu Juechen’s surprise, and believed that he was the little brother he had been looking for for many years. The ancestors behind the scenes also confirmed that Mu Juechen was the person Qianyu was thinking of, and Mu Juechen in front of her was just a phantom in her heart. Believe that, he stepped forward to pinch Mu Juechen’s face and stepped on his feet. Mu Juechen grinned with pain, and finally exposed his goal. Qianyu heard that the ancestor was Qianxiao pretending to be behind the scenes. Mu Juechen pretended to see Qian Xiao at the entrance of Tian Lai Restaurant.

Qian Yu wanted to find her true identity, Mu Juechen reminded her to be careful of Shen Mingxiu, Qian Yu didn’t listen at all, Mu Juechen floated away holding a folded umbrella. Qianyu chased all the way to Qianyun Mountain Villa to find Mu Juechen’s secret formula, Qianxiao blocked her at the door, Qianyu knew that Mu Juechen was in the room, and deliberately said loudly that she would go back to Tian Lai Restaurant to wash and cook for Shen Mingxiu and bathe. Changing clothes, Mu Juechen was jealous, pretending to have just woke up, and took Qianyu to Siku Pavilion to find clues.

Mu Juechen quickly found the Yunxin Jue and forced Qianyu to repair the book to obtain this book. He also deliberately found a table full of books. Qianyu complained repeatedly. Mu Juechen thought her words were too ugly, so he taught her to repair the book. Qianyu wanted to take the opportunity to steal the Yunxin Jue, Mu Juechen desperately blocked him, Qianyu used a beauty trick to seduce him, Mu Juechen flushed with shame, Qianyu took the opportunity to steal the book, Mu Juechen took her She was stuck in a corner of the bookshelf and wanted to kiss her, but the porcelain bottle on the bookshelf suddenly fell. Mu Juechen tightly guarded Qian Yu and blocked the porcelain bottle with his hand. He was stabbed by the broken pieces of the porcelain bottle. Qianyu bandaged him while complaining that he didn’t know how to dodge. Mu Juechen handed the Yunxin Jue to Qian Yu. There was only a large portrait of Mu Juechen inside. Qianyu knew that he had been fooled, and became angry immediately and forced him to take it out. Mu Juechen resolutely did not do it, and walked away with anger.

Mu Juechen rode the big eagle around looking for Qianyu, but found nothing. At this time, Qianyu came to Shen Mingxiu. Shen Mingxiu promised to take her to fly a kite. He also chose a butterfly kite. Qianyu took his favorite swallow kite and therefore concluded that Shen Mingxiu was not the one she was looking for. After Qianyu left, Mu Juechen reminded Shen Mingxiu not to tell Qianyu the mystery of his life experience, otherwise he would reveal that he was not the little brother Qianyu was looking for, and he explained that Qianyu liked the swallow kite.

Qianyu thought hard and finally realized that Mu Juechen was the little brother she had been looking for for many years. She went home to complain to Qian Ran, complaining that Mu Juechen had concealed her life experience from her. Qian Ran felt that Mu Juechen was doing her best for her. She was not allowed to practice, but Qian Ran didn’t know the mystery of Qian Yu’s life experience. Qian Yu was not reconciled. She learned from Shen Mingxiu that the Heart Sutra of Yongying was in Mu Zhuang’s room. She secretly came to look for it overnight, and also took the maid in the room After a thousand words, I finally found the Heart Sutra of Yingying.

Qianyu just wanted to leave with the Heart Sutra of Yongying, and was knocked to the ground by a masked man. Shen Mingxiu came to rescue Qianyu in time. He was knocked out on the spot by the masked man. The masked man claimed to have the same nightmare as Qianyu, thinking He drew his sword to kill her, thanks to Mu Juechen’s timely arrival, Mu Juechen fought against the masked man, and he quickly recognized that the other party was his father.

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