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Su Yu 萦萦夙语亦难求 Episode 7 Recap

Mu Juechen slapped the wooden pillars in the room with rage, and then fell drunk to the ground. The wooden pillars broke in an instant. Seeing that the house was crumbling, Shen Mingxiu pulled Qianyu away without saying a word, Qianyu desperately threw him away and came back to save him. When Mu Juechen and Shen Mingxiu saw this, they had to flee with Qian Yu and Mu Juechen. The house collapsed quickly. Qian Yu didn’t expect that the well-mannered Shen Mingxiu would be lighthearted.

Qianyu dreamed of the little brother who rescued her when she was a child, and believed that Shen Mingxiu was the person she had been looking for for many years. Shen Mingxiu did not explain. Qianyu asked him to fulfill his promise. Shen Mingxiu couldn’t answer it. Erlong hurried. I came to report to Qianyu that Mu Juechen was locked up. Qianyu didn’t care about the others, so he hurriedly got up and wanted to see. Shen Mingxiu firmly believed that the owner of Mu would not punish Mu Juechen, and let her take care of her health. Give up.

The owner of Mu Zhuang locked up Mu Juechen, gave him a severe lesson, and fined Qian Xiao and Mu Juechen fast for three days. Mu Juechen couldn’t rest assured of Qian Yu, and took out the mask Qian Ran made for him and made Qian Xiao wear it. Go, let Qianxiao pretend to be him and stand by in the secret room. Mu Juechen took out a mask of Qianxiao and escaped from the secret room with a mask.

Mu Juechen took the Jiuyuan Pill that Shen Mingxiu had given him, and felt that his skill increased greatly, and soon reached the first level of Yunxin Jue. Shen Mingxiu wanted to read the Yunxin Jue. Mu Juece only gave him three quarters of an hour. , Shen Mingxiu recognized at a glance that it was the Heart Sutra of Yongying from a public loser, and he returned it to Mu Juece calmly.

Mu Juechen pretends to be Qianxiao to see Qianyu, brushing shoulders with the masked Mu Juece at the door, seeing Qianyu taking a bath from the crack of the door, suspecting Shen Mingxiu to make a ghost in it, and wanting to take advantage of Qianyu, Mu Jue Chen wanted to go in and protect Qianyu, but Shen Mingxiu suddenly appeared, so he had to avoid it first. Shen Mingxiu brought a copy of his marriage certificate with him, which described Qianyu’s life experience in detail. Qianyu was the only daughter of Yuyougu’s lord’s father, and the only heir of the family’s family. Shen Mingxiu found the heart sutra of chanting Yingying of the public loser. Yu immediately decided to go to Mu Juechen to ask clearly. Mu Juechen heard their conversation outside the window.

The owner of Mu Zhuang came to the secret room and saw that Mu Juechen, who was overwhelmed with alcohol, was drunk. He didn’t know that Mu Juechen was pretending to be Qianxiao, so he gave him a severe lesson, and Mu Juechen fell on his knees. He yelled to his father and repeatedly confessed to him. The owner of Mu was moved with tears and wanted to take him away immediately. Qian Xiao was worried that his identity would be revealed, and he was here to reform himself. The owner of Mu agreed to personally after the three days expire. Come pick him up.

Qianyu went out and grabbed Mu Juechen’s horse, who was pretending to be Qianxiao, and ran, and ran back to Qianyun Villa in one breath. Qianyu came to the secret room and asked Mu Juechen who was locked up here about the origin of Yongying Heart Sutra, Mu Jue Chen couldn’t keep on pretending, so he had to admit that he was Qianxiao pretending to be. Really Mu Juechen rushed over afterwards and advised Qianyu not to continue the investigation, lest it be dangerous, Qianyu would not listen at all.

It turned out that the lord Mu was once the leader of the martial arts. His youngest son, Mu Juechen, was injured by the palm of the public loser. His life is in danger. Only the heart sutra of Yongying from the public loser family can save him. The Bai couple asked for it. They denied that they hurt Mu Juechen and proposed to take Mu Juechen to Youyougu to study the Heart Sutra. He was treated by the way. The young Mu Juechen worshipped the public and the Bai couple as a teacher on the spot and lived with Qianyu ever since. Together. Mu Juechen remembered these past events and did not want Qian Yu to know the truth, so he concealed it from her.

Qianyu disguised himself and came to the Siku Pavilion of Qianyun Villa to search for the Heart Sutra of Yongying. She found nothing. When she was unable to do anything, a box with Yunxin Jue fell off the shelf. There was nothing in the box, but there was nothing in it. The ancestors used Yunxin Jue to transmit sound to Qianyu, wanting to give Qianyu a marriage, and she also said that she was hesitating between Shen Mingxiu and Mu Juechen. Qianyu was said to be the central issue, so he moved the cushion. Listening carefully, he didn’t expect Mu Juechen to suddenly fall from the sky.

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