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Su Yu 萦萦夙语亦难求 Episode 6 Recap

Mu Juechen took out an exquisite little snowman from his arms and gave it to Qianyu. Qianyu saw the snowflakes and folded umbrella in front of him, and immediately guessed that it was Qianran who revealed her wish to Mu Juechen, and Mu Juechen promised to accompany him. She is playing snowball fights, and Qianyu naturally cannot ask for it. She is most eager to go to the north to enjoy the snowy scenery and play snowball fights. She grabbed a handful of snow and attacked Mu Juechen. Concentrating on the snowball on the ground, he was caught off guard by Mu Juechen’s snowball hitting the ground on the spot.

Qian Ran and Qian Zhan used the banner “Broken Mirror Reunion” to congratulate Mu Juechen and Qian Yu. Qian Yu lay on the ground for a long time without responding. Qian Ran ran over to find that she had been knocked out. Mu Juechen realized that she was trying hard. Too big, hugged Qian Yu back to Tian Lai restaurant. At this moment, Shen Mingxiu was hiding from the side to see clearly. He sent a group of assassins to assassinate Mu Juechen, and they were all knocked to the ground. He could not help but secretly curse that these people were all waste.

Qian Yu remained unconscious, Mu Juechen was anxious, Qian Ran and Qian Zhan couldn’t help but laugh at him. Mu Juechen stayed by Qianyu’s side every step of the way, and sent Qianxiao to buy Qianyu’s favorite bean curd. Suddenly, Mu Juechen wanted to use Qianyu’s method of searching for souls while Qianyu was in a coma. Qianyu’s memory changed all those unpleasant pasts, and Qianxiao had to use the way of strengthening dreams to do their work.

Mu Juechen returned to the dreamland. He pulled Qianyu away in front of his parents and the heads of the various schools. He did not expect to pull his mother out by mistake. Qianyu followed. Mu Juechen promised to unlock Fengming’s acupuncture point and gave it to Qianyu went down the mountain during the three-day holiday, and gave her two thousand taels of silver as a birthday gift for casual spending. Qianyu was confused. She just came to report to Mu Juechen about the troubles of Mingjiao. Mu Juechen remembered that it was last year. Qian Xiao repeatedly apologized to Mu Juechen for what happened. He had misunderstood the time and promised to continue to help them.

When the time went back a few days ago, Qianyu came to say goodbye to the owner and his wife of Mu Zhuang, Mu Juechen forcibly pulled her out without waiting for her to finish, and gave her two thousand taels of silver to go down the mountain to play, and promised to unlock it for Fengming. Qianyu only wanted to return her deed, Mu Juechen muttered to her to admit her mistake, Qianyu couldn’t hear her at all, and insisted on leaving. She couldn’t bear Mu Juechen. At this moment, many splendid fireworks burst into the sky, and Mu Juechen pulled Qianyu past Qianyu. Qianyu became angry, accusing him of never respecting people, and then ran away angry.

Mu Juechen’s method of revising his memory completely failed. He had to ask Qian Ran, Qian Zhan and Qian Xiao to discuss countermeasures together, and walked through the course of the matter from beginning to end, but in the end he fell short. Shen Mingxiu came to see Qianyu, but was blocked by Qian Yunsan. Mu Juechen began to revise his memory from Qianyu’s appointment with Fengming to Xiaojinghu ensemble. They were both singing and singing, but Mu Juechen felt harsh and unpleasant, and finally fainted. Qian Yun Sanjue desperately called Mu Juechen, but He woke up Qian Yu, Qian Zhan didn’t want to modify his memory and gave up halfway, so he stunned Qian Yu again. Mu Juechen woke up in a daze, remembering what he had done in the past ten years, he wrote a book of regrets overnight. Xiang Qianyu admitted his mistake.

Qianyu woke up early in the morning and saw Mu Juechen asleep beside her bed. The room was full of books of regret. After Qianyu read one by one, tears filled her eyes. She was quietly in Mu Juechen’s eyes. With the three words “forgive you” written on his hand, Mu Juechen woke up and begged Qianyu to stay, and asked her to go to Xiaojing Lake to listen to the Pipa performance by a Western Musician. Shen Mingxiu wanted to take Qianyu to Youyou Valley to retrieve her memory, but she had agreed to listen to the music with Mu Juechen, and Shen Mingxiu had to give up.

Mu Juechen made careful arrangements for tonight’s date. Four musicians from the Western Regions arrived. Mu Juechen couldn’t wait and decided to advance the time. Qianyu chose a gift in the market and was about to buy it. The clothes, the people in the town gathered around and urged her to go back. They said in unison that the time had come. Qian Yu concluded that Mu Juechen was doing a ghost. He rode back to find him for the theory. Qian Xiao waited for Qian Yu at the door and asked her a lot in one go. The questions are all about food, clothing, housing and transportation preferences. Qianxiao 1510 gave Mu Juechen a voice. Mu Juechen prepared according to his instructions. As the sky gradually darkened, Qian Xiao asked all the questions and asked Qian Yu went to Xiaojing Lake to listen to tunes.

Qianyu saw that the four sound artists were already in place and there were many Kongming lamps on the ground. Mu Juechen promised to realize all the wishes of Qianyu. Qianyu was deeply moved and gave him the carefully selected jade pendant. Mu Juechengang I want to show my heart to Qianyu, with the bright fireworks in the sky, Qianyu is very happy. The two came to the restaurant together and saw that Shen Mingxiu had prepared a large table of meals. Mu Juechen was very angry and wanted to have a try with him. Shen Mingxiu proposed to draw fists to make a match. Mu Juechen lost several games in a row, and soon So drunk and unconscious, Shen Mingxiu claimed to be Qianyu’s fiancé. He was here to expose the hypocrisy of Qianyun Mountain Villa. He wanted to bring Qianyu back to Youyou Valley. Mu Juechen was confused when he heard these words. It was so furious that Shen Mingxiu was not allowed to take away Qianyu.

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