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Su Yu 萦萦夙语亦难求 Episode 5 Recap

At this moment, as if time was still, Mu Juechen kissed Qian Yu affectionately, but was pushed away by Qian Yu unexpectedly. Mu Juechen still lost to Qianyu and promised to satisfy her three wishes. Qianyu asked Mu Juechen to release Fengming, and also asked him why he was silent about the song. Mu Juechen pretended not to know the existence of Suyu, and refused to return Qianyushenzhen. Shen Mingxiu was not used to this scene, and deliberately pretended to stand beside Qianyu, thinking that he could take Qianyu away after winning the game. Everyone thought that this event was held for Qianyun Mountain Villa, and did not give Mu Juechen the slightest affection. Mu Juechen almost lost the popular support, and the old owner was very angry.

In the wing room, Shen Mingxiu learned from Mu Juece that Qianyu was adopted by the villa at the age of seven. The two reached an agreement to deal with Mu Juechen. They also gifted Mu Juece Jiuyuan Dan, which can quickly expand the meridian, and promised Mu Juece. Periodic payment. Seeing that Qianyu was about to be taken away by Shen Mingxiu, Qian Yun Sanjue and Mu Juechen were dispatched together, and they readily gave out two hundred thousand taels of silver tickets, twisted them into the Tianlai restaurant, and tried every means to keep Qianyu. Unexpectedly, the hotel has already been given to Mu Juece by a thousand words. Mu Juechen wanted to get the little red flower as soon as possible. He went to Qianyu early in the morning. Qianyu’s anger was about to get out of bed. Mu Juechen was indifferent and didn’t want to respond. He was a narcissistic straight man. Shen Mingxiu, jealousy was aroused again.

Qianyu was very curious how Shen Mingxiu knew her so well, why 100,000 people kept spinning in her little head. Shen Mingxiu didn’t fully explain the reason, which stimulated her curiosity even more. Mu Juechen asked everyone to help him think about Qianyu’s preferences, specially prepared extra-large pig hoofs, and wanted to give Qianyu a surprise. Unexpectedly, Qianyu had gone out with Shen Mingxiu long ago. Mu Juechen descended from the sky on a silly sculpture, Big Pig The hooves fragrant and charming. The two sat down together and listened to Qianyu’s telling. Mu Juechen recalled the beginning of the past, feeling very guilty. He did not consider Qianyu’s feelings no matter when and where, and moved that Qianyu could give up himself in order to accompany him. In his spare time, he also personally clipped a piece of trotters to express his gratitude to Qianyu. Qianyu was speechless for a moment, and rolled his eyes.

Qian Yun Sanjue understands Mu Juechen’s heart too well. They should have criticized each other. If they make mistakes, they must be corrected. In the mouth of Qian Yun Sanjue, they will change instantly. Mu Juechen’s perfection is like a dragon and a phoenix among people. Role model. Mu Juechen was jealous of Shen Mingxiu many times. He watched Qianyu and Shen Mingxiu together. He couldn’t bear it. His anger burned, his face was forced to laugh, and the two of them confided in their hearts. Qianyu wanted to leave, and gave Mu Juechen a piece of clothing when he parted.

Shen Mingxiu wanted to take Qianyu to Youyou Valley to find her life experience. Mu Juece deceived, the old village owner flew into a rage, accused Mu Juechen of being cynical, and worried that he would affect the reputation of Qianyun Villa for many years, so Mu Juechen went to Broken Daomen alone. Qianyu had a bad premonition, and looked back for Mu Juechen. Only Mu Juechen’s sword was found in the vast snow sea, thinking that he had encountered an accident, crying bitterly. Snow flies and floats, tears have welled up and can’t be recovered anymore. Just when Qianyu was very sad, an umbrella helped her cover the rain and snow. Qianyu turned around and saw that Mu Juechen stood in front of him safe and sound. She couldn’t help holding Mu Juechen tightly. Mu Juechen watched Qian Yu feel sad and happy for herself, the heart of the old man and girl melted instantly, and the girl with a bright smile in front was exactly what she wanted to protect…

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