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Su Yu 萦萦夙语亦难求 Episode 11 Recap

Qian Yu sews the bow with his own hands. He wanted to give it to Mu Juechen. Mu Juechen came to the appointment overnight, called Qian Yu out, and solemnly apologized to Qian Yu. After ten days of tempering, he finally realized Qian Yu Shi. The years of hardship and difficulty, Qianyu promised to forgive him, Mu Juechen promised to let Qianyu bully him for the rest of his life, took the opportunity to tap Qianyu’s acupuncture points, secretly kissed her, and then took her away.

Shen Mingxiu learned that Qianyu and Mu Juechen were gone, and hurriedly took people to find them, but they were not found even after searching Youyougu. Mu Juechen hugged Qianyu under a big tree. Qianyu couldn’t move. He could only glare at him and yelled at him in his heart. Mu Juechen hugged Qianyu and continued on the road, ruthlessly hiding from the side to see clearly. Secretly vowed to get rid of them. At this moment, Shen Mingxiu led Erlong and the others to chase him, yelling to let Mu Juechen come out, threatening to fight him to the death, Mu Juechen hurriedly hugged Qianyu and hid away, and came out ruthlessly masked to fight Shen Mingxiu.

Mu Juechen hurriedly put Qianyu down, he stood up to help Shen Mingxiu, and beat the masked ruthlessly away. Just as Mu Juechen wanted to turn around and leave, he was knocked out by Erlong with a stick. Mu Juechen woke up in a daze, and found that he was tied up in the hall again. He felt that the situation and the scene were very familiar. Aunt Hua ordered Mu Juechen to be dragged out of the sinking area. Qianxiao repeatedly defended Mu Juechen, Qianyu Reluctantly, he forced Mu Juechen to explain what happened today, and sent someone to bring Mu Juechen to her room.

Mu Juechen mistakenly thought that Qianyu was interesting to him, and couldn’t help but secretly delighted. Qianyu remembered the scene where Mu Juechen took her to avoid the people in black and escaped from Youyou Valley, which is exactly the same as today’s scene. Qianyu determined Mu Juechen was the little brother she had been looking for for many years, and she was struggling to ask what was going on. Mu Juechen tried to cover up the past with the excuse of a headache. Qianyu was even more certain that he was that little brother. Mu Juechen wanted to take Qianyu to leave here as soon as possible, so that she could live a stable life. Qianyu therefore suspected that her life experience was related to Qianyun Mountain Villa, but Mu Juechen didn’t mention a word, Qianyu ordered Qianzhan to Mu Jue. Take the dust out.

Qian Ran and Qian Xiao rushed over to persuade Mu Juechen to tell the truth to Qian Yu, and don’t live up to Qian Yu’s infatuation. Mu Juechen remained silent, and finally left silently. Back then, a group of people in black broke into Yoyo Valley, and Mrs. Gong Yi asked Mu Juechen to leave with Qian Yu. Before leaving, Mrs. Gong Yi gave Qian Yu a jade flute, and Mu Juechen took all the trouble to recite Qian Yu back. Qianyun Villa.

Shen Mingxiu was seriously injured, Hua Hendie helped him bandage, and all the guilt was pushed to Qian Yu. Hua Hendie firmly believed that Shen Mingxiu had her in her heart. Shen Mingxiu made it clear that she was different from Qian Yu. Mu Juechen came to see Qian Yu early in the morning, and Aunt Hua threw out his luggage, Qian Yu handed him the antidote of Dan’s words, and asked him to leave Yoyo Valley as soon as possible. Mu Juechen was determined not to leave, but stayed there. Around Qian Yu, Qian Yu didn’t buy it at all, and forced him out.

Mu Juechen smashed the door desperately, Qian Xiao and Qian Ran tried their best to plead for Mu Juechen, Qian Yu did not allow anyone to open the door to him, Mu Juechen flew into the yard, repeatedly confessed to Qian Yu, Qian Yu ignored him, Mu Not discouraged, Juechen jumped high and begged Qianyu for mercy. Qianyu opened the door to hear him explain. Mu Juechen accidentally stepped on her foot. Qianyu took off the shoe and closed the door and returned to the house. Up.

Qian Xiao pushed away the maid and the servants, and secretly opened the door to let Mu Juechen come in. Mu Juechen wanted to enter the room and admit his mistake to Qianyu, but Qianzhan blocked the door, and Mu Juechen begged Qianzhan to let him go in and explain. But then he couldn’t explain clearly, Qian Zhan angered and closed the door and entered the room, leaving Mu Juechen aside. From then on, Hua Hendie recognized Mu Juechen by passing by and hated him deeply, and ordered him to be tied back. Mu Juechen threw out the Qianyu shoe and knocked the hairpin on Hua Hendie’s head to the ground, Hua Hen Die promised to help him solve problems.

Hua Hengdie came into the house to persuade Qian Yu, and repeatedly said good things for Mu Juechen. The reason why Mu Juechen concealed the truth was for the sake of Qian Yu. He also persuaded Qian Yu to cherish Mu Juechen, otherwise he would be robbed by others. When she left, Qianyu could see that she was pretending to be Mu Juechen at a glance, and hurriedly approached to discuss makeup with Hua Hendie, and she pierced through the real face of the fake Hua Hendie in front of her. Mu Juechen was seen through and was scared to flee.

Qian Yu asked Shen Ming rhetorically and wanted to return to Yoyo Valley to find the mystery of her life experience. Shen Mingxiu persuaded her to practice the Heart Sutra first before speaking. Qian Yu had to ask Qian Ran for help. Qian Ran suggested that she go to Mu Juechen for help. Qian Yu I didn’t want to ask him, but also asked Qian Ran to hide the matter from Mu Juechen. Qian Ran told Mu Juechen the news for the first time. Mu Juechen didn’t want to lose this rare opportunity. He wanted to help Qian Yu realize her wish, give her a surprise, and let Qian Ran inform Qian Yu to meet by the pond before dark.

Mu Juechen came to the Youyou Valley Pond and tried his best to restore the place to its former appearance. He accidentally injured his hand. Qianyu helped him bandage. Mu Juechen asked Qianyu to give him another ten days. , At that time, he would give Qian Yu an explanation. Qian Yu took the pearled bow that he had sewn on Mu Juechen’s waist as a reward for him. Mu Juechen was extremely excited and hugged her tightly.

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