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Su Yu 萦萦夙语亦难求 Episode 10 Recap

Mu Juechen wanted to go to the Yoyo Valley Valley Lord’s Mansion to find Master Shen Mingxiuxing, and took the opportunity to rescue Qian Yu, ruthlessly pursued him, promised to help him, and explained his stakes. As expected, they walked halfway and were stopped by a group of people like beggars. One of the old men claimed to be a member of the Changle Gang. They were all under the sect of Yuyougu, who had been in the rivers and lakes for many years, just to find A person who can lead them back to the Yoyo Valley and revive the public loser family, Mu Juechen was very disdainful of them at first, but he didn’t expect them to be shameless, each possessing unique skills, and a chivalrous sentiment, so he couldn’t help but admire them. Mu Juechen and the Changle Gang drank Zhuang Xing Jiu together, and wanted to take advantage of the moon prayer ceremony tonight to overthrow Shen Mingxiu. The Changle Gang shouted slogans mightily and headed to Youyou Valley.

Ruthlessly persuaded Mu Juechen to join the Changle Gang, and they rushed into the Youyou Valley together, Mu Juechen promised. Aunt Hua took a lot of hardships to remove all the beards from Qianyu’s chin. Qianyu complained of bitterness and cursed Mu Juechen in her heart. Aunt Hua took the opportunity to bring her together with Shen Mingxiu. Shen Mingxiu came to invite Qianyu to participate tonight. Qianyu was not interested in the ceremony of praying for the moon. Aunt Hua explained to her in detail the whole process of praying for the moon. Qianyu was eager to try when she learned that she could wear good-looking clothes and would be admired by all.

Hua Hendie woke up in a daze and learned that Shen Mingxiu had sent her hawthorn sticks and Jieshutang. When she heard that Qianyu was going to participate in the moon praying ceremony, she was so angry that she gritted her teeth and didn’t want Qianyu’s limelight. Pass her. Qian Yu put on a white dress, and Shen Mingxiu personally came to pick her up to the altar. It was convenient for Mu Juechen to go to the woods. Ruthlessly wanted to attack him, he was accidentally cut into his clothes by a branch. Mu Juechen turned around and saw him, mistakenly thinking that he was also here for convenience, and didn’t think much.

As soon as Qianyu stepped onto the altar, Mu Juechen suddenly rushed out to attack the owner of the valley. He didn’t expect that the owner of the valley was Qianyu. He was so scared that he hurriedly stopped. The people from Changle’s gang rushed forward and beat Qianyupain without saying anything. Mu Juechen was beaten with a bruised nose and swollen face. Mu Juechen desperately pushed aside the crowd to rescue her, but Qianyu didn’t appreciate it. He ordered Mu Juechen to be tied up and insisted that he instigated the Changle gang to carry out a sneak attack. Mu Juechen repeatedly defended her, but Qianyu fundamentally Don’t listen, let Qian Yun Sanjue shut Mu Juechen into the warehouse.

Mu Juechen did not expect that Shen Mingxiu would give Qian Yu the position of Lord of the Valley to Qian Yu, and Qian Yun Sanjue also took refuge in Qian Yu, and was given a very high position. Mu Juechen worked hard to persuade Qian Yun Sanjue to return to the villa with him. , They didn’t buy it at all, and they persuaded Mu Juechen to join Qianyun Sanjue. Qian Ran came to intercede for Mu Juechen overnight, Qian Yu wanted to take the opportunity to grind Mu Juechen’s unremarkable bad temper. If Mu Juechen didn’t tell the truth about the past, Qian Yu would still not forgive him.

Qianxiao came to persuade Mu Juechen overnight, and gave him an idea to conquer Qianyu both physically and mentally, and Mu Juechen broke his hair. Early the next morning, Mu Juechen changed into a coarse cloth and came to see Qian Yu. Aunt Hua forced him to eat a Yan Yi Ji Yi Dan. From then on, he took orders from Qian Yu. Mu Juechen had to bite the bullet and eat. Aunt Hua ordered Mu Juechen to clean the yard and also to clean the Gong bucket. Mu Juechen followed suit one by one. Erlong kept supervising Mu Juechen, and he did not dare to be lazy for a moment.

Mu Juechen has been busy all day long. He was so tired that his waist and legs aches. He just wanted to take a bath. He was summoned by Qianyu Transmission and forced him to change into a pretty pink dress. Mu Juechen complained repeatedly. Qianyu deliberately said The way of human beings also cures his body, pointing fingers at Mu Juechen, and telling him to go shopping with him on his back. Qian Yun Sanjue followed closely. Qian Yu bought a lot of things in one breath, and Mu Juechen was exhausted. Wanting to recite Qianyu back to Qianyun Villa, Qianyu resolutely quit, insisting on returning to Youyou Valley, Mu Juechen was helpless.

On the way, Qianyu bought a bunch of candied haws. Suddenly, Mu Juechen heard people talking on the side of the road. The young owner of Qianyun Villa actually swaggered through the market with a maid on his back. Mu Juechen was ashamed and embarrassed, Qianyu helped him. His arms swaggered and left. When the owner of Mu Juechen learned of what Mu Juechen had done, he gritted his teeth with anger, and Mu Juece kindly persuaded him and promised to find Mu Juechen back as soon as possible.

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