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Nothing But Thirty 三十而已 19 Recap

After a busy day, Lin Youyou sent Xu Huanshan back to the hotel. On the way, she deliberately parked the car on a nearby basketball court and took Xu Huanshan to play football together. Xu Huanshan hesitated. He had promised that Gu Jia would stop playing football in the future. But Lin Youyou urged him to follow his hobbies as the greatest joy in life. Unable to resist Lin Youyou’s temptation, Xu Huanshan started playing again on the playground. Pilling. After playing with Lin Youyou, Xu Huanshan felt like returning to college. Back at the hotel, Gu Jia had already squeezed toothpaste onto his toothbrush. Xu Huanshan felt guilty.

Zhong Xiaoqin wants to learn to paint. She thinks that the girls who can paint in the movie are too attractive. Chen Yu said in a casual way that it is not the cute girls who can paint, but the actors themselves are pretty good-looking. Although full of disdain for Zhong Xiaoqin, Chen Yu took advantage of Zhong Xiaoqin’s carelessness and picked up a paintbrush to paint. After Zhong Xiaoqin’s divorce, Chen Yu’s words have changed a lot, as if she has reactivated her speech function.

Liang Zhengxian took Wang Manni to watch operas and attended various high-end venues. For the first time, Wang Manni took photos with celebrities, watched the wonderful performances of artists, and enjoyed a more advanced life with Liang Zhengxian. Liang Zhengxian looked at Wang Manni and said that in the future, he will take Wang Manni to thoroughly enjoy the material life of the upper class, and make brand clothing worn on Wang Manni as the first part of his own. Wang Manni was very happy. She felt that thanks to her insistence on being single, she waited for Liang Zhengxian before her.

The fireworks event in the park began. Xu Huanshan and Lin Youyou were very happy watching the sky full of fireworks. Gu Jia took his son Lin Youyou to the fireworks show. It was the first time for Lin Youyou to see Xu Huanshan’s wife With her son, she was rather angry. Xu Huanshan returned to the hotel with his wife and children. Lin Youyou sent WeChat to Xu Huanshan. Recently, he always received WeChat from Lin Youyou. Xu Huanshan rejected her directly in the WeChat, saying that he might do it after the event went smoothly. If you don’t come to Beijing, I will say goodbye.

An in-app purchase model show was held in Wang Manni’s store. Mrs. Wang came to the store angrily and said that she hadn’t mentioned any invitation letter. Mrs. Wang added Daisy’s WeChat account. This was Daisy’s negligence, Wang Manni Immediately calmed Mrs. Wang’s emotions and brought her to a better viewing position. Mrs. Wang’s anger has just subsided. A customer accidentally touched the mirror and her scalp broke. Fortunately, Wang Manni has experience. She called an ambulance in time. In order to minimize the impact on the store, she personally followed the injured customer Go to the hospital. A woman has been observing all this secretly.

After the model show was over, the store manager personally introduced to the clerk that the woman next to him was Amanda, who was the director from Hong Kong headquarters. Amanda’s words admired Wang Manni’s actions just now. She felt that she was focused on the overall situation and was calm and composed in an emergency. Minimize the impact. Daisy was very angry when she heard it, and immediately admired Amanda’s exquisite clothes, and the style was also a new product by a certain artist.

Gu Jia received a call from the accountant and rushed to the tea factory when she heard that there was a problem with the tea factory’s accounts. Zhong Xiaoqin’s property held an event. She noticed that the props she contacted had been privately exchanged for other categories. She was worried about loopholes in the show and immediately asked the other party to change the product. While waiting, Zhong Xiaoyang chatted with Zhong Xiaoqin. He was very curious about why Zhong Xiaoqin divorced. Like Zhong Xiaoqin is always very popular in the company, I don’t know why she is so courageous.

Zhong Xiaoqin confessed that she and Chen Yu had a bad temper, and they couldn’t talk together. For the previous thirty years, she had always lived in the expectation of her parents. She didn’t dare to make mistakes at all, but she did not expect to pass the day more and more crappy. Zhong Xiaoqin decided to be a tree in the future, able to face the wind and rain and face the difficulties and misfortunes of life.

Because of the company’s activities, Zhong Xiaoqin came home late, but Chen Yu was very concerned. Zeng Gezi Zhong Xiaoqin called Chen Yu and the reception was rejected, and now she took the initiative to care about Zhong Xiaoqin. The next day, my colleagues ate together and accidentally talked to Zhong Xiaofeng. Zhong Xiaofeng said that he did not have a girlfriend yet, but he didn’t need his colleagues to help introduce him, because he already had someone he likes. Talking that Zhong Xiaofeng looked at Zhong Xiaoqin, Zhong Xiaoqin Inadvertently greeted Zhong Xiaofeng’s gaze, seeing his eyes full of enthusiasm, but his heart tightened, she had a strong premonition that the person Zhong Xiaofeng liked might be her.

Amanda was very satisfied with Wang Manni’s performance. The two went out to eat together. Amanda asked her if she would like to work in a store in Hong Kong. Wang Manni agreed without thinking about it. She couldn’t wait to be with Liang Zhengxian. City, so you can see it every day.

Gu Jia and her husband came to the tea factory in Jiangxi and found that the losses on the books were serious. It was not like Mrs. Li said. There were loopholes in the valuation report. The accountant whispered that the contract was too sloppy and everything was Mrs. Li. The formalities over there must be their hands and feet. Gu Jia thought about the whole thing from beginning to end, and found that she had won Mrs. Li’s full set. She was a little confused. In the past, she always felt that there were many bright and bright people in her wife’s circle, who knew that they would still play tricks secretly.

Xu Huanshan reminded Gu Jia that she didn’t need to call Mrs. Li. Mrs. Li cleared her responsibility on the phone and asked Gu Jia to call the remaining 1.5 million points. The accountant gave them an idea. Right now they have two paths. One is to pay a fine, the fine for the organic target is a large number, and the other is to declare bankruptcy. In this way, the loss can be stopped in time and the subsequent risk is also reduced.

Gu Jia took a serious look at the actual situation of the tea factory, and found it too difficult. If it persists, a large amount of working capital will be needed, and the sales of tea in recent years have not been very good. Gu Jia regrets the original impulse. Xu Huanshan comforted her without worrying, he would help her tide over the difficulties.

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