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Nothing But Thirty 三十而已 17 Recap

Gu Jia and Mrs. Li signed the agreement for the transfer of the tea factory. From now on, Gu Jia can be regarded as a person with an industry. At night, she was very happy. She woke up Xu Huanshan and told him the news, Xu Huanshan. On the contrary, she felt astonished by the tea factory.

Liang Zhengxian asked Wang Manni what gift she wanted. Wang Manni confessed that she wanted a boyfriend. Liang Zhengxian didn’t want to confirm their relationship now, and the two talked unhappily.

Wang Manni was fifteen minutes late for work because of a dispute with Liang Zhengxian. Daisy gave her a ticket in front of all the shop assistants. A colleague interceded for Wang Manni, and Daisy publicly warned that from now on, anyone who is late will have a ticket, accumulate three tickets and leave directly, and in the peak sales season, the last elimination is also the standard for future layoffs.

Wang Manni resisted the anger in her heart and went back to work in the shop. Soon after, Liang Zhengxian came. Wang Manni walked to other places in the shop. Daisy welcomed Liang Zhengxian warmly. Liang Zhengxian chose a lot of things, and then all The clerk asked Wang Manni with the jewelry she had just bought, as long as his girlfriend was willing to accept them, he would pay.

Everyone looked at Wang Manni with admiration. Liang Zhengxian asked Wang Manni for ten minutes off. He pulled Wang Manni outside the store, knowing that Wang Manni had parked her car in a parking lot far away from the store to save money. , Liang Zhengxian immediately rented a parking space for Wang Manni in the parking lot closest to the shop for one year.

Finally recognized by Liang Zhengxian, Wang Manni was very happy and bought colorful balloons, but Liang Zhengxian soon proposed to worship non-marriage and was destined to never marry. Wang Manni was surprised. Not getting married means that they will never get results. However, Liang Zhengxian had some remarks. He felt that even if they were married, they could not guarantee that they would love each other forever, as long as their relationship was good now.

When Zhong Xiaoqin came home from get off work, Chen Yu saw her on the balcony and hurriedly hid in the house. Now he regrets the divorce. Zhong Xiaoqin’s mother cooked a lot of dishes at their house during the day, and Zhong Xiaoqin immediately put forward the terms of the contract to let Chen Yu know her interest.

Zhong Xiaoqin received a new task arranged by the leader. The shopping mall wanted to increase the rent and directly cleared away the customers who did not cooperate with the rent increase, so the task of withdrawing the cabinet fell on Zhong Xiaoqin. Zhong Xiaoyang knew that Zhong Xiaoqin had taken the hot potato, he immediately rushed to find Zhong Xiaoqin, and saw that Zhong Xiaoqin was blasted out by the shop owner, he immediately grabbed Zhong Xiaoqin and dragged her to a secluded corner.

Zhong Xiaoyang told her that the situation was very dangerous like the one just now. The business of the hotel is not good. Just after the sales golden week, the mall insisted on letting them withdraw the counter. If the merchant irrationally lights the gas tank and does something, the consequences will be disastrous.

Zhong Xiaoqin also had a foreboding of the seriousness of the incident. When she returned home, she was nervously unable to eat. Chen Yu found out about the problem she encountered and helped to find a solution. Based on the similar difficulties encountered in previous interviews, he wrote many countermeasures for her. Take a good look.

Gu Jia started looking for a childcare teacher and wanted to find someone to take care of Xu Ziyan. Xu Ziyan disagreed with any aunts at home, and Xu Huanshan disagreed. He wanted Gu Jiaan to be a housewife and take good care of her children.

In the evening, the two people had a dispute over whether to invite a childcare teacher, and their voices became louder and louder. Xu Ziyan came directly to them and asked them not to quarrel. Gu Jia returned to the house holding her son and heard Xu Ziyan crying and saying that she didn’t like the childcare teacher. She promised not to ask the childcare teacher to take care of him in the future. Xu Huanshan felt a little comforted when she heard it.

Wang Manni told her girlfriend about her and Liang Zhengxian’s affairs. Gu Jia asked her what she thought. Wang Manni confessed that Liang Zhengxian had fulfilled all her illusions about her spouse. She still wanted to wait for Liang Zhengxian. Maybe Liang Zhengxian would agree with her. She is married. Gu Jia reminded her whether she fell in love with Liang Zhengxian or his money, didn’t she know him because he was in the executive cabin. Gu Jia’s words hurt Wang Manni. Wang Manni didn’t expect Gu Jia to speak so aggressively. Zhong Xiaoqin immediately pulled Wang Manni away.

On the way, Wang Manni told Zhong Xiaoqin that Gu Jia did see through her just now. When Liang Zhengxian proposed non-marriage, she thought that she would recognize it even if the basket was empty in the end. Wang Manni knew that she might never again. I will meet a good man like Liang Zhengxian. In the evening, Wang Manni’s mother was very happy to learn that her daughter had a boyfriend, and said that this was the biggest good news for their family this year.

Chen Yu started to cook dinner at home. Zhong Xiaoqin was strange. He was a shopkeeper when he got married. Now that he is divorced, he cares about dinner. The two talked for a while, and Chen Xu came. He sat down at the dining table and started to eat, while pretending to ask if there was a quarrel between them.

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