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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 33 Recap

Zhong Qianjin believed in Ne Zha, especially seeing Ling’er pretending to be deep, and even felt that she was a goddess doctor with rejuvenation techniques. But he didn’t know that Linger, despite her excellent medical skills, also helped people lose weight for the first time. Right now, she can only catch ducks on the shelves and boil medicines for various symptoms every day.

From the fish gill soup that allowed the whole body to breathe; to the ice worm powder that was able to get rid of the dry heat later; including hibernating snake soup, which can reduce consumption even if you don’t eat, Nezha is basically reduced to a white mouse, helping Ling’er keep trying the medicine Until she saw the knife suddenly aimed at herself, Fang Jue Ling wanted to implement a stomach-cutting method, and Nezha ran away in fright.

Nezha thought that walking grass might play a key role, so he took Ling’er and went to the restaurant to find Zhong Qianjin. Unexpectedly, Zhong Qianjin didn’t take any method to lose weight. Instead, he demolished the previous lie of the two people on the spot and treated him as a liar without any explanation at all. At this time, Ling’er’s osteomalacia suddenly broke out, and the people wanted to drive her out. Seeing this, Zhong Qianjin couldn’t bear it and decided to let go.

The little dragon girl is boring to practice spells, and it is boring to memorize the ancestral rules. It happened to hear that the small town under the mountain was developing a new weapon, so he sneaked out of the mountain without paying attention. However, as soon as she arrived in the town, she didn’t walk far, and immediately saw two rogues blocking the way, and even flirted with them. The little dragon girl wanted to cast a spell to teach her opponent, but the spell was restricted and could not be used. Fortunately, Nezha came to the rescue in time and scared the rogue away by the way.

Originally, Nezha wanted to sell the necklace to supplement the family. It happened that Xiaolongnu liked the necklace so much that she offered to buy it at a big price. Just when the little dragon girl was about to try on the necklace, Linger suddenly ran out to stop her, pulling Nezha away, and then said that the necklace was related to whether Nezha could retrieve his memory, so he didn’t want him to lose even the last clue.

Although Nezha once again lost his source of income, he was not discouraged because of this. Instead, he went to the silk shop to apply for porters. Seeing that he was thin and thin, Li Chufei looked down on him at first. He never thought that Nezha could know the treasures. He saw the value of Suolin cloth. He couldn’t help but admire him. He directly arranged him to work in Li Mansion and followed Mr. Accountant. Learn. Ling’er, to celebrate Nezha’s finding a job, proposes to stroll around the town together, just because Nezha hasn’t seen the town style carefully, she immediately agreed.

Xiaolongnv thinks that Nezha’s character is pretty good, so she wants to follow behind to observe secretly. If she really finds that there are good people in the human race, then it can prove that Bai Ze and the others are wrong about the human race, and it will be convenient to go down the mountain at any time in the future. . Nezha noticed that Xiaolongnv was following her, so she had to say hello to her. Xiaolongnv felt embarrassed and quickly prevaricated, pretending to be on the way, and then hurriedly left.

Ling’er guessed that Xiaolongnu and Nezha knew each other, but Nezha didn’t remember each other at all, and decisively denied the guess. The little dragon girl hid in the corner and continued to peep at Nezha. Who knows that a rogue suddenly appeared and kidnapped her. Nezha seemed to have a reaction, always feeling very panicked.

After that, Nezha and Linger met the rogue head-on, pretending to be cowardly and left. The little dragon girl was disappointed in him. Unexpectedly, Nezha would appear at a critical moment and bring Linger to stun the rogue. Due to the frequent seizures of Ling’er’s cartilage, Xiaolongnv tried to treat Ling’er with Baize Yinhao, but the treatment was successful. The little dragon girl looked at Ling’er refreshed, and when she was happy, she couldn’t help wondering why Bai Ze Yinhao would be useful to the human race.

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